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GoPro Jaws: Flex Clamp

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JawsFlexClamp.jpgHave been eyeballing the GoPro mount, Jaws: Flex Clamp for a long time now.  First read about it back in November 2013.  Have thought about buying one ever since.  The only thing was I have got away from making videos.  Really do enjoy making and editing them.  Received a little bit of money for my birthday day so I went out and bought one.  While I have not used it yet.  Plan to give it a go on my next days off.  Have two days off together.  The plan is to put together a test video using it on my motorcycle.  So check back every now again.  Will be posting that video.

GoPro Jaws: Flex Clamp

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JawsFlexClampThere is a cool new GoPro mount out.  It is called Jaws: Flex Clamp.  It is most versatile one yet.  As you might guess from the name.  It has a very strong clamp that can clamp on to anything from .25” to 2” (.6cm to 5cm).  The flex part comes from the flexible neck.  So you can twist and move that so you can get all kinds of cool angles.  Being new I wasn’t sure if it would work with my older GoPro.  I own a Hero 960.  Looked into it and it works with all GoPro models not just the Hero 3.  The GoPro website is sell it for $50 US money.  Going to looking around and see if I can find one in Canadian money.  Looked on the Futureshop website, but they don’t have it yet.  You can see it in action > here or below.

Lapse Of The Sun

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The last few posts I made have been talking about a making a time-lapse video.  Well it is now done and uploaded.  Like before have uploaded it to YouTube and Vimeo.

This is my first real attempt to make a time-lapse video. Spent the last few days filming the sun from different angles. Using my GoPro 960 to take the pictures. Made the sound track myself as well. The opening title was made using After Effects with the help of tutorials on Video


Vodpod videos no longer available.



Vodpod videos no longer available.


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Sun Working on making a time-lapse video.  Tried making one back in April.  You can see some of that in the video I made for the Whales video contest > here.  It turned out ok for a first try.  But last night learned a new trick that saves so much time and effort.  While I was editing the new batch of pictures I took.  Would manually edit each picture down to 00:00:01 of a second.  To make a smooth time-lapse video you need about 30 pictures for every one second.  After doing this for about 150 pictures.  Got thinking there was to be a better way.  So got looking around in the editing program I use, Adobe Premiere Elements 4.0.  Found and option that lets you set the frames of each picture in the project.  Saved some much time.   One I set that up all I had to so was drag the picture on to the timeline.

Plan to capture a lot of different angles of the sun and clouds or what not.  Mix them together in to a new video.  So far I have three clips done.  One is being “filmed” as I type this.   Trying to get one of the sun moving across the sky.  Using my GoPro HD Hero 960 to make this.  Had the battery die on me last night trying to get the sunset.  So check back ever so often.  Will be posting it some point to the future.

GoPro Tripod Mount

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After weeks of trying I got my hands on the tripod mount for my GoPro HD Hero 960, I got one.  Have looked on the Future Shop website off and on.  Some days it said they were in store stock and then the next day not.  Was going on like that for awhile.  One day it said then had some.  Decided to call first before driving out there.  After being on hold for a bit they said we don’t have any.  Well today gave the website another look.  They upped the price to $11.99, it was $9.99.  Was heading out the the mall any way so I said I better take a look.   To my surprise they were in.  What was even better the in store price was still $9.99.


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Ride Put together a new video using my GoPro HD Hero 960 and my motorcycle, a Yamaha XT225.  Have to say it turned out pretty good.  Happy with the results.  Going to try my best to make more since I like putting these together.  As like the past few videos uploaded it to YouTube and Vimeo.  They are both below.  So pick your flavour.  Or click both.   Not mind have high hit counts.


Vodpod videos no longer available.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

GoPro Tripod Mount

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GoProTripodMount Was out at the mall today.  Decide to go into Future Shop and pick up the tripod mount for my GoPro HD Hero 960.   Well there was not any left.  Wasn’t too happy.  When I got home and looked on their website it said they have one left.  Many be I should have asked someone.  But the customer service is not all ways the best.  Oh well will just have to got back another time.  Will call ahead though.

Time Laps

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Have decide to enter the video contest I talked about yesterday.  In short it is a contest put on to make a video for the song Location by Freelance Whales.  You can read more about that > here.  Any who.  Was trying to come up with some ideas.  Have a few, then I thought some time laps would be cool to add it.  Never made a time laps video before so gave it a go today.  Used my new GoPro HD Hero 960 since it lets you take pictures very so many seconds.  Got some really nice pictures of the sun with the clouds moving by.  I How it has been done before but I have never tried.  It took me a lot longer than I thought it would to edit.  It did turn out really good thou.  Not going to post it since it is part of the video I am making for the contest.

GoPro Test Number Two

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Finished up the second test of my GoPro HD Hero 960.  This time I wanted to attach it to something rather than carry it.  There was lots of snow over in the back field.  That got me thinking I should dig out on old GT Snow racer.  So the video below is just that.  Used the head strap for a few runs.  The video get bumpy in a few spots that is why.  How ever the roll bar mount worked great.  The video is much smoother.  Also tried some colour correction out when I was editing it.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

GoPro HD Hero 960 Test Video

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Yesterday I made a post how about bought a GoPro HD Hero 960.  And that I made a shot video to test it out.  Well it is uploaded to YouTube.  It turned out all right the picture is a bit bumpy or up/down that is because I was walking with it.  The camera is meant to be used while riding some thing or put on a car.  As for the picture quality is very nice on my computer.  Once it was uploaded to YouTube is lost a lot of quality.  I think it might not have been finished possessing yet.  Going to try uploading it to Vimeo to compare the difference.   All so took some move video today of me sledding.  We see how that turns out.

Vodpod videos no longer available.