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GoPro Test Number Two

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Finished up the second test of my GoPro HD Hero 960.  This time I wanted to attach it to something rather than carry it.  There was lots of snow over in the back field.  That got me thinking I should dig out on old GT Snow racer.  So the video below is just that.  Used the head strap for a few runs.  The video get bumpy in a few spots that is why.  How ever the roll bar mount worked great.  The video is much smoother.  Also tried some colour correction out when I was editing it.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

GoPro HD Hero 960 Test Video

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Yesterday I made a post how about bought a GoPro HD Hero 960.  And that I made a shot video to test it out.  Well it is uploaded to YouTube.  It turned out all right the picture is a bit bumpy or up/down that is because I was walking with it.  The camera is meant to be used while riding some thing or put on a car.  As for the picture quality is very nice on my computer.  Once it was uploaded to YouTube is lost a lot of quality.  I think it might not have been finished possessing yet.  Going to try uploading it to Vimeo to compare the difference.   All so took some move video today of me sledding.  We see how that turns out.

Vodpod videos no longer available.