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Google Chromecast

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ChromecastA few posted back talked  about the HDMI streaming device, the Roku Streaming Stick.  Here to talk about another one that is similar but with some different features.  Its the Google Chromecast.  Have heard of the Chromecast but never paid much attention since it was only in the US.  Well now it’s available in Canada.  It is much cheaper than the Roku.  Amazon has it for > here for $39 and they going price of the Roku is $60.  It’s cheaper because it doesn’t come with a remote and some different features. You can use a laptop, phone (Android and iOS) or a tablet to navigate around.   One advance the Chromecast is one of the things what work with is is the Good Play Store.  Now thinking about getting this one.   Will have do some more research.

HP Chromebook

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HPChromebookI fix computers every now again.  Mostly from people I work with.  One lady said she was having trouble with her laptop and couldn’t get Facebook to work.  So said, “I’ll take a look at it”.  She hands me the the bag with laptop, open it up and see the Google Chrome logo on the cover.  It turns out to be a HP Chromebook.  Have heard about about these Chromebooks but never seen one in person.  What they are is like your standard laptop but run on the Google’s Chrome operating system.  It designed to work while online.  Every thing pretty much runs thought the web browser.  So if you have no internet access it pretty much useless.  Did find out there are some apps you can run offline.  It does work great.  Very fast and smooth.  Most of the Chromebooks run around the $300 price point and up.  Think they are for people who only do web stuff or a it can be a good starter laptop for kids.

Google SketchUp

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SketchUp Have heard about Google SketchUp a few days ago.  If you are thinking what is that. Well let me tell you.  It is a free, yes free 3D modeling software.  There is a pay version called SketchUp Pro.  Have tried to use 3D modeling software in the past with not much luck.  How trouble figuring out how to use it.  With SketchUp there are all kinds of help/training videos.  Just might have to give it a try.  So if you have ever wanted to try 3D modeling with out shelling out money this seems like the best option.


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