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Motorcyclist Magazine

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Motorcyclist_MagazineOver the years I have bought a few different motorcycle magazines.  The one I liked the most is Motorcyclist Magazine.  Like this one the most because its more well around.  It covers all the different type of motorcycles there are.  Have thought about getting a subscription even now again.  Now that I have a new tablet.  Discovered that you can get magazines though the Google Play Store.  Seen that this one was there.  So singed up for the 14 day free trail.  If you like it can subscribe for a year, which I did.  Being digital subscription it was much cheaper.  A little over $11.00 for 12 issues.  Which is a very good deal in my opinion.  Another good thing is I paid with a Google Play gift card.  Stated off with the March issue.  When when April’s was out, booted up the table, went on the the Google’s magazine app and there it was.

Google Play

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Google_PlayA few days back bought myself a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, 7” version.  It runs Android and as a Samsung app store.  It all so has Google Play.   So there are all kinds of app, movies, books and want not.  Some of these are free.  Others cost money of course.  The prices are all over the map.  Didn’t really want to give on credit card info.  So picked up a $25 gift card.  Which is very easy and fast.  Once you logged into you Google account there is text button called Redeem.  Put the code in from the gift card.  Then your money is right there in your account.  I know you can buy apps and what not.  But wanted to you if that money can be used inside of apps.  Download the DC Comics app.   Once that’s installed.  You need to create an account inside this app.  Was looking around the app and there is a lot to look at.  Decided to buy one comic to see how it works.  Picked the first issue of Green Arrow from The new 52.  It was only $.99.  Clicked the buy now button. It asked for my Google password then it download.  Reading the comic on the tablet was very nice.  The app can break the comic panels up so you only see on at a time.  Can see myself buying more this way.  While I like have the real ones.  It nice to be able to get out others that I might be interested.