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Neewer Stabilizer

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Neewer_Stabilizer_24Now that the weather is slowly getting nicer.  Have been looking more into camera stabilizers. The more I look into them there is lots and lots to choose from.  The high-end from Glidecam are pretty sweet.  But they are more for the pros.  Need one that is more in my price range that will do something similar to it.  Back in November looked at one for the online site  Which was pretty nice.

Now have found a different one to look at.  It is from the company Neewer.  Don’t seen an official project name.  So I am going to call it Neewer Handheld Stabilizer.  This one says it aluminium alloy.  However the one I see on > here says it’s carbon fiber.  They most likely two different models.  As I am typing (April 15, 2018) this Amazon is asking ($99.99).  That is more in my price range.  Will look more into it.  This might be the one I go with.

Camera Stabilizer For DSLR

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YELANGU_S700Back in the summer (2017) I ordered a GPD XD from the website  The prices was right and the shipping was fast.  This past week was looking around the site again and seen a nice looking camera stabilizer.   It is called the YELANGU S700.  It looks very much like the high-end Glidecam.  For years I have wanted on of those but the are a lot of money.  Hundreds to thousands of dollars.   They are more designed for the semi-pro to professional.  Not sure how well this one is.  Will look into it more.  It is much more in my price range.


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Glidecam Back in 2009 I made my own DIY Steadicam.  It works pretty good.  Still thinking about buying a real one.  They can be really expensive.  However ever came across ones that costs a lot but they have one starting at $400.00.  That is a lot of money but still better than a few thousand.  It is part of the Glidecam series.   The way I found about this was.  Some one posted a really well done video on FaceBook.  Decided to check out who made it, JLF Productions.  In one of there video descriptions they said they used a Glidecam.   These are the people that made the Darkest of Discos video for Slowcoaster.  The video below is where I first seen it in action.

Vodpod videos no longer available.