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Ghost Of Tsushima

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Have put some time into Ghost of Tsushima.  This is a wonderful games.  While it’s beautiful to look at.  It is all so very calming if you take your time to explore.  Then there is the combat.  When you get the timing just right it very satisfying.  When you do die the re-loading doesn’t take long.  I did have to turn the game down to easy mode.  While I do enjoy the combat.  I am don’t have the fastest fingers and timing.  Can see myself put many hours into it.  All ways enjoy open world games and finding all the hiding items and upgrades.  There have been a few games in the past I have gotten 100% can see myself trying for that with this one.

Ghost Of Tsushima

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Have been eyeing Ghost of Tsushima since they first showed it off at E3 2018.  Then when they did there State of Play back in May (2020) just knew I had to get the game.  Was going to way to see some more real world gameplay.  However since it is out today (July 17, 202) I went over the store on my lunch break had bought a copy.  I had a gift card since Christmas.  My plan was to use that for Cyberpunk but that game was pushed back.  So used it on this on.  There was three people ahead of me getting copies as well.  Haven’t seen that since GTA V was out.  As I am typing installing the games and it’s patch.  There is all ways a day one patch.  Luckily it’s pretty small, about 4GB.

Ghost of Tsushima – State of Play

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Ghost_Of_TsushimaYesterday (May 14, 2020) Sony put out another Sate of Play video.  This one was much different than past one because it focused one one game, Ghost of Tsushima.  I was interested in this game for a long time now.  But after watching the that video, > here or below, I am now super hyped.  It has all the stuff I like.  Big open world with lots to look at and do.  The combat seems like a mix of Assassin’ Creed and Shadows of Mordor.  Then there are lots of things to collect an customize.  Then there is the fact that you can pet a fox.  The game is set to be out July 17, 2020.  It will be a day one buy for me.

Ghost Of Tsushima New Release Date

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It was reported back in early March (2020) that Ghost of Tsushima would be out June 26, 2020.  That as since changed.  According to the PlayStation Blog post > here the game will now be out July 17, 2020.  All so in that post they say The Last of Us Part II will be out June 19.  A few weeks ago the game was reported to put on release hold indefinitely.  Do want to try both of these but think I will get Ghost of Tsushima first and wait to a sale on The Last of Us.  Enjoyed the first game a lot and know this one will be even better but it one of those games once you play though it once there is not of a reason to replay it.

Ghost Of Tsushima Release Date

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It was back at E3 2018 they first showed of the game Ghost of Tsushima.   Since then there has been much news about it.  Until a few days go when there was a new trailer out.  Which you can see > here or below.  At the end it gives a a release date, June 26, 2020.  The game looks beautiful.  Still not sure how the gameplay will be.  Am hoping something like an Assassin’s Creed action.  Time will tell.  Am sure there will be more info out around this years E3.

Ghost Of Tsushima

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Ghost_Of_TsushimaThere is one last game I want to talk about shown that this years (2018) E3.  It is Ghost of Tsushima.  You play as a Samurai in 13th century Japan.  Who is fighting off the Mongol invasion.  It is one of the beautiful games I have every seen.  In the video which you can see > here or below.  You can see just how it looks as well as how it will play.  They say it will be an open world.  There has never been a game like this.  Sure there has been games with Samurai in them but they were more over the top.  This one is all most realistic.  There is no release date.  I am guessing some time in 2019 or later.