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Ghost Of Tsushima Jumped Back In

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Ghost_Of_Tsushima.jpgA week or so ago made a post talking about jumping back into Ghost of Tsushima.  Well the other day I did just that.  It has been any months and pretty much forgot all the controls.  So when it came time for some combat I was very rusty.  Think I would have died if I hadn’t had all the upgrades all ready.  Have those because I started over with a game+ save.  This starts from the first of the game but you get to keep what you have all ready unlocked.  That being said they add one new level of upgrading to each weapon.  My goal is to see if I can finish the game again to unlock the special Trophy.

Ghost of Tsushima Jumping Back In

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Ghost_Of_Tsushima.jpgIt was last summer (2020) that Ghost of Tsushima came out.  Played the hell out of it.  When they add they had the Game+ mode.  Was going to do that but ended up taking a break.   So I think it is time to jump back into the game.  Have been playing Cyberpunk 2077 off and on.  While I like it, it just doesn’t hold my interest.  As for Ghost of Tsushima it had me from the opening moments right to the end.

[Update] Had this post typed up before they announced Ghost of Tsushima: Directors Cut.

Ghost Of Tsushima Legends

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Decided to give Ghost of Tsushima Legends a try.  This is the new two to four player modes.  Have read that the two player story mode can be played single player but is some what hard.  Gave it a try any way.  The Legends modes starts off with some story bits and then you get to try our the four character classes.  After that you pick which one you want to start out with.  I choose the assassin.  Then played the first story quest.  Only died once because I am so used to the single player game with all the upgrades.  Once you finish the mission they give you loot.  Gave that quest another try to see if you get different loot,  you do.  My brother now as the game.  So at some point were are going to try it together.

[Update] My brother and I gave the two player story mode a try.  We didn’t play all the missions yet.  The ones be did play we had a good time.  There was only one level that gave us a bit of trouble.  Which took a few tires to get though.  At some point plan to play the rest of the story missions.

Ghost Of Tsushima Update And Legends

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The Ghost of Tsushima update 1.1 and Ghost of Tsushima Legends was out on Friday (October 16, 2020).  The patch works just like every other patch.  But to get Legends you need to go the PlayStation Store.  I haven’t tired that out yet since I don’t like playing with random people. (However did read it can be played solo but its very hard to do so.)  Mostly wanted to try the New Games+ and to see how many hours I played.  Turns out I played 89 hours of the game.  Now have started over with the Game+.  One of the best games I have ever played.

Ghost Of Tsushima Legends and New Game+

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It was back in August (2020) that we learned there will be a update for Ghost of Tsushima called Ghost of Tsushima Legends.  Which will have two player and four player online modes.  It all sounds cool.  Now we know when it will be out, October 16, 2020.  However there is some even better news. They are adding a lot more with update 1.1.  Two things I am looking forward to are the New Games+.  This lets you start the game over will all the stuff you unlocked.  While adding new things to get.  The other is they going to gives us an hours played next to your save file.  Think that should have been there from the start.  Like know how many hours I have put in.  Of course there will a lot more than this.  You can read all about it > here.

Ghost of Tsushima All Most Done

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I am all most finished the game Ghost of Tsushima, I think.  Made it to Act 3 a few night ago.  Bought this game day one so it been for two months playing it.  Have enjoyed my time with it.  It looks and plays amazing.   When it does get somewhat repetitive they add new looking bad guys with their fighting styles switched up.  Have unlocked all the perks and think most of the the other stuff.  Know have missed a few collectibles along the way .  But think I can go back later and get them.  While I very much recommended this game.  The missions can get very repetitive.  95% of them have you in combat.  The good thing about that is, it’s awesome.

Ghost Of Tsushima Legends

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It is not often you hear about a single player game getting  co-op modes after the game as been out.  Looks like Ghost of Tsushima is doing that in which they are calling Ghost of Tsushima Legends.  There will be as two player and four player modes.  The two player you play a series of missions that get hard as you go.  As for the four player, it move of a wave based survival.  They have all so said there will be a Raid at some point.  The twist with these modes are you will play as one of four classes, Samurai, Hunter, Ronin, or Assassin.  There other twist is the world will be based on Japanese folklore and mythology.  They didn’t give a date for this let, just saying the fall.  You can read more about on the PlayStation blog > here and check out the trailer > here or below.

Ghost of Tsushima Patch 1.05

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It has been about two weeks since Ghost of Tsushima was out.   They have a new patch for the game, 1.05.  The biggest thing they had is new difficulty levels.  The first one is Lethal.  As you might guess from that name it makes enemies tougher as well as the time faster.  On the other side of that there is a new lower intensity combat mode.  This basically gives you more time to think and plan.  You can block more and they take longer to spot you in stealth.  They have all so larger text for the subtitles.  A long with that there are many bugs fixes.  They don’t say what they are though.   You can read the official blog post > here.

Ghost Of Tsushima

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Have put some time into Ghost of Tsushima.  This is a wonderful games.  While it’s beautiful to look at.  It is all so very calming if you take your time to explore.  Then there is the combat.  When you get the timing just right it very satisfying.  When you do die the re-loading doesn’t take long.  I did have to turn the game down to easy mode.  While I do enjoy the combat.  I am don’t have the fastest fingers and timing.  Can see myself put many hours into it.  All ways enjoy open world games and finding all the hiding items and upgrades.  There have been a few games in the past I have gotten 100% can see myself trying for that with this one.

Ghost Of Tsushima

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Have been eyeing Ghost of Tsushima since they first showed it off at E3 2018.  Then when they did there State of Play back in May (2020) just knew I had to get the game.  Was going to way to see some more real world gameplay.  However since it is out today (July 17, 202) I went over the store on my lunch break had bought a copy.  I had a gift card since Christmas.  My plan was to use that for Cyberpunk but that game was pushed back.  So used it on this on.  There was three people ahead of me getting copies as well.  Haven’t seen that since GTA V was out.  As I am typing installing the games and it’s patch.  There is all ways a day one patch.  Luckily it’s pretty small, about 4GB.