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Neewer Stabilizer

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Neewer_Stabilizer_24Now that the weather is slowly getting nicer.  Have been looking more into camera stabilizers. The more I look into them there is lots and lots to choose from.  The high-end from Glidecam are pretty sweet.  But they are more for the pros.  Need one that is more in my price range that will do something similar to it.  Back in November looked at one for the online site  Which was pretty nice.

Now have found a different one to look at.  It is from the company Neewer.  Don’t seen an official project name.  So I am going to call it Neewer Handheld Stabilizer.  This one says it aluminium alloy.  However the one I see on > here says it’s carbon fiber.  They most likely two different models.  As I am typing (April 15, 2018) this Amazon is asking ($99.99).  That is more in my price range.  Will look more into it.  This might be the one I go with.

Camera Stabilizer For DSLR

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YELANGU_S700Back in the summer (2017) I ordered a GPD XD from the website  The prices was right and the shipping was fast.  This past week was looking around the site again and seen a nice looking camera stabilizer.   It is called the YELANGU S700.  It looks very much like the high-end Glidecam.  For years I have wanted on of those but the are a lot of money.  Hundreds to thousands of dollars.   They are more designed for the semi-pro to professional.  Not sure how well this one is.  Will look into it more.  It is much more in my price range.


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Have had my GPD X D GamePad for a few weeks now and run RetroArch on it.  So far and very happy that I bought it.  Being able to play the old games away from the TV is pretty cool.  It will come in handy this winter.  Because more than likely we will loose the power a few times.  It runs Android OS so you can all so get stuff off the Google Play store.  Haven’t tried that yet.  But thinking about get Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition).  Enjoy this game so be able to play on the good would be nice.   If you are looking to get one Gear Best is were I got mine.  They have put in on a Flash Sale many times.  So if see it a full price. Check back a different day.  The is the model I got > here.


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The GPD X D GamePad I ordered GearBest came in the mail yesterday (Aug 28, 2017).  I must say that was super fast shipping.  It shipped from China on August 13th.  Was thinking it wouldn’t be here until some time in September.  It comes with some preinstalled games and apps.  Some of which are kind sketchy.  So will be deleting those.   There are some other apps I would never use so deleted them.  There are some emulators built in.  Being an Android device you download others.

Went on the Play store and downloaded RetroArch.  Have watched a few videos on this in the past.  It is pretty good and can run on just about every device going.  The first game I tested out of Crash Bandicoot 2.  Once I got the all the files in place.  The game run and looked great.  Now to test out others.   So will be back in an impressions post later on. Below are some pictures.



GPD XD GamePad Shipped

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A few posts back talked about the GPD X D GamePad and how has an awesome deal (flash sale).  I couldn’t past the the deal up.  They were asking $181.11 Canadian.  Got and email saying it has shipped.  It said it could take 15 to 25 days to get here.  Thinking it will the the longer date.  Since it is coming from half way around the world.  So should have it my hands some time in September?.  When I do get it.  Will be back with another post and pictures.

GPD XD GamePad

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Back in April (2017) first learned about the GPD X D GamePad.   It is a Android base table put into a clam shell game case.  Looks something like a Nintendo 3DS.  The main focus is to emulated games.  Think it is a pretty awesome device.  Wanted to get one.  Until I seen the price they were asking for in Canadian money, around $300.00.  So decided to wait on it.   A few days ago while watching some videos on YouTube.  Seen that John Riggs of John Riggs: RIGG’d Games channel was showing one off.   You can see that video > here.  He had a link to were the one he got it, > here (Gear  So click on the link to see.  Think it would be on US money.  Was surprised to see it the site all so in Canadian money.  But it gets better they were having a flash sale on this device for $181.11.  I could not pass that deal up.  Had to have it.   Should be in my hands by the end of the month.