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Game Of Thrones: Season Three Blu-ray

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GameOfThronesSeason3Blu-rayHave been waiting for months now for February 18, 2014.  If you follow this blog you will know that is the day season three of Game of Thrones is out on Blu-ray and DVD.  While I was on my lunch break went and got myself a copy.  Wasn’t the only one from work to do so.   Just like the other two season the box set  comes with all kinds of extra features.  There are 12 audio commentaries as well as all kind of other extras.  This is the only show or movie for that matter where I listen to the audio commentaries .  Because sometimes you get a bit more info on the show and how it all came together and behind the scenes stuff.  Find all that very interesting.  Now looking forward to my day off to have a Gaam of Thrones binge.

Game Of Thrones: Season Three Blu-ray/DVD

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GameOfThronesSeasonThree.jpgJust a reminder that season three of Game of Thrones will be out on Blu-ray and DVD February 18, 2014.  So looking forward to see all these episodes again.  I know people still talking about the red wedding.  Speaking of that they are going to have an extra on the Blu-ray box set talking about that.  That should be a cool to see.  There will all so other extras along with 12 audio commentaries.  This is the only show I like listening to the audio commentaries.  As for season four.  They are saying a spring 2014 start.  Looking back at the past three season it will be April/March.

Game Of Thrones: Season Three Blu-ray/DVD

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GameOfThronesSeasonThreeGood news we have a release date for season Three Blu-ray/DVD of Game of Thrones.  Just like season two it will be out in February.  The date is February 18, 2014.  Soon after that season four will start. While that is still far way it is important to talk about now, lol.  Will be buying a copy on Blu-ray.   Just like the first two seasons.  Pretty sure it come with a bunch of extras.  Not to sure what they are yet.  Sure they will be good.   Can’t wait to see these episodes again.  Just might have to watch the first two season all over again.