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Game Of Thrones Season 4: Ice And Fire: A Foreshadowing

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GameOfThronesSeasonFour.jpgAll last week keep seeing post of on Game of Thrones Facebook page > here.  Talking about a 15 minute look back, clips from the new season as well as cast member’s answering fan questions.  Which was to air Sunday night (February 9, 2014) before the show called True Detective.  Have some good news for the people that missed it or don’t have HBO it is now on Game of Thrones YouTube page.  You can check it out > here or below.  It is an interesting watch.  The behind the scene stuff is cool.  If you are not caught up with season three and don’t want any spoilers.  You might not want to watch this.  So looking forward to the new season.  Which starts up again April 6, 2014.   Season three will be out on Blu-ray/DVD February 18, 2014.