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Game Of Thrones: A Guide To Westeros Puzzle

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GameOfThronesAGuideToWesterosPuzzle.jpgThinking very hard about buying the Game of Thrones: A Guide to Westeros Puzzle.  Buy myself some thing cool every year for a Christmas gift.  The only trouble is I have only found one listing for Canada and the rest come from the States.  The Canadian listing is on but not from them but from a user that uses there online storefront.  They are asking (as of November 26, 2013) $74.95.   Over at they are selling it for $59.55 US.  Then he HBO Store wants $59.99 again in US money.  Going to look into the to see how much shipping and the exchange rate/tax will come too.  Just to see if it will be cheaper than the guy on  Will be back with an update if I decided to buy one.

Game of Thrones: A Guide To Westeros Puzzle

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GameOfThronesPuzzleHave never been it to puzzles but think I am will to change my mind after see things one.  The Game of Thrones: Guide to Westeros.  What is cool about this puzzle is that it is multi-layered.  Three layers make up this puzzle.  The first layer is a 1000 piece jigsaw.  Layer two is an artistic 200 pieces.  Then the third layer adds 3D miniatures off all the famous landmarks.  It is made by the people at 4D City Scape.  They make some pretty awesome 3D puzzles.  Am thinking about buying one.  That is if I can find one.  Will just have to look around online.  Check out the video of it > here or below.