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Max Payne 3 Comics

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Now that the last part of the three part comic books is out for Max Payne 3 I plan to read them.  Was waiting for all three because wanted to read the whole story at once.  Not like having to wait to see/read what happens next.  The best part is they are free to download and read.  Check them out > here.  What they are about like other comic based around a video is they expand the story before, during and after the storyline in the game.  Issue 1 is called After The Fall.  Issue 2, Hoboken Blues.  Issue 3, Fight and Flight.

Max Payne 3 Multiplayer

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Gave Max Payne 3’s multiplayer another try.  Only tired it for a few rounds when I first bought the game until last night.  While I only played one around of Rookie Team Deathmatch it was pretty fun.  Managed to do all right.  In fact I had the most points and was the “star” of the match.  Being the second time trying multiplayer I didn’t know the map like the other guys did.  So I got shot a bunch of times from the other team getting to the high places and picking me off.  Did turn things around.  First of the game has regenerating health plus a very good cover mechanic.  The cover mechanic is how I did so well.  The other players didn’t seem to be using it.  They were running/gunning/sniping.  Do not like people who camp or snipe in online games, drives me nuts.  So I put them in there place.  Thinking next time I try multiplayer I will getting rolled.

Max Payne 3 Review

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Finished the story line in Max Payne 3 today (June 3, 2012) so now it is time for a review.  This game is very fun and exciting to play.  While the gameplay is the same thought out, just shooting the bad guys,  they manage to keep it fresh and exciting.  By have one of, if not the best, acted video game ever.  Each new level finds you in a different environment.  Pretty much all games have that but they flow together nice with the well told/acted storyline.

This is an awesome game.  While it is short story wise.  They do have other modes to keep you coming back for more.  During each level they have things to find.  Depending on the level you have so many clues to find.  They add little extra tidbits to the story.  Then there are the golden gun parts.  Each gun has three parts to find for each.  Did manage to find all the part for a few.  The golden guns are better version of the same gun.  Going to go back and play though again to find all the things.  Found a great online guide to this > here.

There is the multiplayer modes if you are into that.  Only tired that once for a few rounds.   Then there is the arcade modes.  They takes parts of each level and you try to get a high score.   One is just pure score, while the other is time based.  Tired the score based one and have to say it was fun.

Over all I had a great time playing this game.  Highly recommend it.  But if you are only into playing the single play story line thought once, wait for a price drop since it is a short campaign.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Max Payne 3 Update

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Now that I had some time to play Max Payne 3 it time for a mini update.  Start off with good stuff.  It looks great but the story is  the best.  It doesn’t stop.  It flows from cut scene to game play seamlessly.  The controls are tight but take getting used to.  Unlike most games now a days you don’t have regenerating health.  It has the same health system as the pervious games.  Not sure if  this is a good time since I have died a lot and am playing on easy.  While the story telling is awesome the cut scenes can be hard of the head.  They have this shaky camera, lens flare thing going on.  I  understand why they do it (to show Max Payne drug induced world) but seems like a bit much.

Gave multiplayer a one round go just to see what it was like.  Tired team deathmatch.  It loaded very fast and the boy is the game plays fast.  At the end of the of the match it said I last an average life of 13 seconds.

Max Payne 3

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MaxPayne3 Have not bought a game in a very long time (Skryim was the last game I bought back in November).  So decided to treat myself to a new one.  Max Payne 3 just came out a few days ago.  It looks fun to play and getting good reviews so I bought it today (May 18, 2012).  Over at Wal-Mart they have a exclusive deal going on.  The box says “Wal-Mart Canada Launch Week Exclusive”.  You get the game plus a copy of Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City for the game price as just the game.  So you are getting a free game.  It is too bad I all ready have it.  But what ever a free game is a free game.  Just might give to to somebody.

Have not tried it out yet. Just got home from work so have I get some food into me will give it a try.  Will be back with an update.