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Gotham Knights Gameplay

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Have some good and bad news to share about Gotham Knights.  The good is, a few days ago they put out a gameplay video.  It has footage of Nightwing and Red Hood, in solo and coop.  You can see that gameplay video > here or below.  The game is still set to be out October 25, 2022.  Now for the bad news, at lest for me.  The game is no longer coming to the PS4 or Xbox One.   At this point in time don’t have a PS5.  Only know two people that have one.  All so the games cost a lot more for those systems.  That being said am going to try and get a PS5 for my up coming birthday in a few months.

Gotham Knights Release Date

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Have some more good gaming news to share.  Have read that Gotham Knights is set to be out this year (2022).  They said that last October (2021).  Well this October the game will be out on the 25th.  Do hope that date stays but as you know now a days these release dates all ways get moved.   This is one of a very few games I am looking forward to getting.  Am sure they will be showing some more gameplay at this years E3.