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Funko – Pint Size Heroes WWE

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Have added two more Funko items to my growing collection.  This time is from their Pint Size Heroes line, WWE.    Have a few others this this type from the DC line.  More of a fan of the Mystery Minis.  But these are pretty cool as well.  They take up much less room.  The two I got are Kevin Owens and Nikki Bella.  They are nicely detailed paint.

Funko – Pint Size Heroes DC

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Am a fan of the Funko product lines.  Have a few of the main vinyls they are famous for.  What I like to collect are the Mystery Minis.  Haven’t bought any of those in months.  Back in August (2017) discovered the Pint Size Heroes line.   Back then bought four of those from the DC line.  Every since then wanted to get a few more but the store didn’t have any more.  Well until a few days ago.  Was out Christmas shop.  Decided to got down the toy aisles in WalMart and seen that the had a box with a few left in it.  Bought two more.  Got The Riddler and  the classic version of Batgirl.

Funko – Pint Size Heroes DC

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Like a lot people out there an of fan of the Funko vinyls.  I enjoy colleting the Mystery Minis lines the most.  I check out the their website every now again and seen that they have a line of products called Pint Size Heroes.  Like there other lines these cover many different franchises.  Have never seen these in stores.  Well until a few days ago.  Seen they had the DC line.  Much like the Mystery Minis they are in a blind bag.  So you don’t know which one you will get.  I had to buy four of them.  Each one comes with a check list. There are twenty to collect in total.  I wouldn’t be trying to get them all.  Out of the four.  Did get one that was more rare ones.  Which was Batman Beyond.  The others are a Batman, Poison Ivy and The Penguin.