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Knights Of Valour Video

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Yesterday (July 22, 2017) post I talked about seen the Knights of Valour jousting show.  Post some pictures on that.  All so took some video.  Well have it to editing now and uploaded.  My camera was acting up a bit.  You can see some weird looking lines in some clips.  It would come an go when taking video and pictures.  Think there might be something thing wrong with a sensor.  However you can see the video > here or below.


Knights of Valour

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Knights_Of_ValourWent to an interesting event last night.  The Knights of Valour were in town.  They travel around to show off full contact jousting.  A few years ago there was a few shows on TV about jousting.  This group’s show was Full Metal Jousting on the History channel.  Remember seeing a few episodes of that.  So getting to see in live in person was pretty cool.

At first thought it was just a “show” all planed out and what not.  Turns out it is not.  It was the real deal they going all out.  They started off with introducing the six knights.  There was even one lady.  After that they did a skills competition.  They had to take a spear and try to hook on to three rings which were held up by three lads.  Next turn the spear around at throw it a at target.  Get another spear and do over again on the other side.  Up next had to cut a apples off two poles with a sword.  Then pick up a lance and hit a contraption trying to make it spin around as many times as possible.  This was all so timed.  The person with the most points and fastest time got that add to their score then the jousting started.

Now it was time for the jousting.  Which was pretty awesome.  They had two around of that.  Then the lances hit the metal shoulder plates it made a very sicking sound.  When the laces broke pieces when every were.  One when right up to the lighting.  Three of the knights got nocked off.  One guy hurt this shoulder pretty bad and had to stop.  The lady got nocked off was well and stopped as well.  The third guy managed to get back on after a small break.

Over all it was an awesome show.  Would go again for sure.  If you see then coming to a place near you go and see it.  You will not be disappointed.  Took some pictures. Which you can see below.  All so have some video.  Just need to edit it first.





Full Metal Jousting

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FullMetalJousting Have been seeing adds for the show Full Metal Jousting on the History channel.  While it has started airing on the states History channel it started here the other night (April 5, 2012) on the Canadian History channel.  It looked interesting so stayed up to watch it.  Like most shows now a days this one is a competition/reality tv.  With a big cash prize for who ever wins.  After watching the first episode it was ok.  These guys are jousting for real.  They are turning it into a real sport with rules and judges.  Not sure if I am going to go out of my way to watch rest of the episodes when they air.