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Batman, The Flash – The Button Quick Review

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In this weeks video for the YouTube Channel, I’d Rather Watch Paint Dry, have a quick review.  First seen The Button back in 2017 in a hardcover. They are nice but the price is too high for me. This is why I like to collect trades in paperback form. A few weeks back while in a book store seen they had copies in paperback so bought a copy. Here is my quick review on it.  Which you can see  > here or below.

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2018 TV Shows

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It is a new year.  So most of the shows I like should be coming back on with their second half of their seasons.  I know that Arrow and The Flash will be back on in the middle of January.  Not sure when Gotham will start up again.  Have read that it will be early 2018.  But it will be a longer wait for The Walking Dead.  That doesn’t start again until February 25, 2018.

The Flash Season Three

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TheFlash.jpgThe third season of The Flash started last night (Oct 4, 2016).  Have been a fan of this show from day one.  At the end of the second season.  It had Barry running back in time to save is mother.  This season will mostly like all be about the fall out from that.  The show does a great job at time travel and other worlds.

Arrow and The Flash

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Arrow.jpgThere is so many new and coming back TV shows it hard to watch them all.  There is a handful that I will be watching.  The Arrow is one of them.  It is heading into it’s forth season.  Really like this show from day one.  Sure it can be not so great in spots but it gets better with every season.  Am hoping the fourth season they try some different things.  The season kicks off October 7, 2015.

Another show I can’t wait to see is The Flash.  This is an awesome show.  Think this had the best first season of any new show I have seen.  Besides The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones.  I know season two will be even better.  Now that they got everything setup  and the characters are all great.  The season starts October 6, 2015.

Arrow Season Three

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Arrow.jpgLike with season two, season three of the Arrow will start in October.  Should say October 8, 2014.  There is some other news to share about the show.  From what I have been reading is that Brando Routh, the guy how played Superman in Superman Returns will be playing Ray Palmer or his super hero name Atom.  This should prove every interesting if true.  Because the Atom like his name suggest he can shrink himself down to the size of an atom.  Not sure how this will work in live action.  Looking forward to this new season.  As well as the night before because on October 7, 2014 the spin off, set in the world show, The Flash will air.