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First Ride Of 2011 Video

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Have finished the video project I was working of my first ride of 2011.  It took me longer than expected to cut 24 minutes down into thee.  With only one camera angle I tired to pick the best parts.  Like going around corners or cool looking scenery.  Had to spice it up with a good sound track.  Thought about using a few different songs.  Have done that too many times.  So I found a kind of a movie soundtrack song that I really liked.  It seemed to work so I used it.

Just love the GoPro HD Hero 960.  It amazes me how such a small camera can take such quality video.  I am sure I will have all kinds of new video this coming summer.  The video below is hosted on Vimeo but you can see it on YouTube as well.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Video Project

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All most forgot to write a blog post today.  Have spent most of my day working on a new video project.  Yesterday I had my motorcycle out for the first ride of 2011.  Had my GoPro HD Hero 960 on the bike.  That is what the video project is about.  Tuning a 24 min ride into about three minutes has taken longer than expected.  Hope to have it unloaded tomorrow.  So I should have a posted the day after that.  Check back soon to check it out.  I think it is turning out pretty good.

First Ride Of 2011

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Finley today (April 9) got to get my first ride in for 2011.  The 2006 Yamaha XT 225 fired up the first try.  Pushed the button, 1, 2 3 and away it went.  Have been waiting what seems like forever to get riding again.  Last year I was able to get it out on March 19.  It was it nice today about 5c with no wind and a big blue sky.   All so gave my GoPro HD Hero 960 a go on the handle bar.  Not too sure how well the video turned out.  Will have that posted soon.  Here is to another year of riding.