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PlayStation 4

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PS4ControllerIt is official, the PlayStation 4 is real.  First off they never showed us what it looks like.  But they did show off the new controller.  It does look interesting with all the new features built into it.   With the touch pad and share button.  Not going to go into to much detail because if you are really interested about all this stuff you can find better info on all the gaming sites.   For example > here.  They did talk about some games and what the system specs are.  But the real info people want they didn’t say.  Like price and when will it be out.  They did say this year (2013) during the holidays.  So my guess they will have all the info during E3 this coming June.  Still going to wait and see at this point in time.  Pretty sure I will ended up getting one.  This time will wait long before jumping on the bandwagon.

PlayStation Meeting 2013

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PlaystationMeettingTomorrow, February 20, 2013 is being billed at a big game in game.  For a few week back Sony announced they will be having a PlayStation meeting on this day.  All the gaming sites are guessing that they will unveil the PlayStation 4.  Over at > here they will be streaming some video from the event.  This is a very good bet to take since The PlayStation 3 has been around since November 2006.   I am a bit excited to see what they have to say.  Pretty sure it will be about the PlayStation 4.  If it is, I just hope they have learned from what happened then they launched the PS3.  They need to keep it simple and a price people can afford.  Mind you I did buy a PS3 very close to launch and still happy with it all these years latter.   This time around I just might wait longer before buying one.   Just we will find out in a less than 24 hours if it is or not the PS4.