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Fear the Walking Dead Season 5

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Have just read that Fear The Walking Dead as been renewed for a fifth season.  You can read the official AMC blog post > here.  Am a fan of this show.  So far the fourth season as been awesome.  The second half looks just as good.  Which starts airing again August 12, 2018.  I am glad we will get more walking dead.  As for the sister show am sure it will get picked up for a tenth season.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 4: Official Comic-Con Trailer

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A few posts talked about the season nine trailer for The Walking Dead.  Which looks awesome.  In the mean time we have the second half of Fear The Walking Dead to look forward to.  All so at the The San Diego Comic-Con they put a trailer ( > here or below) for the second half which starts up August 12, 2018.  The first half was amazing.  It takes the show in a whole new direction.  It is all most like a bran new show.  Think this half will be just as good.  Looks like a major storm takes place and we get to meet some not characters.  Can’t wait to see what happens next.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 4 Mid Season

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The first half for season four of Fear The Walking Dead has ended this past Sunday (June 10, 2018).  Have really like the past seasons.  This one is better than those by leaps and bounds.  It feels like a brand new show.  It has characters we know but adds a bunch of new ones. These news ones make the show so much better.  This season stands out in a big way how they are telling the story.  They are using two.  One in the past and one in the present.  Each episode the storylines start to get closer and closer together.  It is a great way to tell a story.  Of course there is a big clifferhannger.

Really liked this first half.  Just know the second will be just as good or better.  We will find out when it starts again,  August 12, 2018.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 4

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As I am typing this (April 24, 2018) the first two episodes for season four of Fear The Walking Dead have aired.  The three season before are really good. Think this one will be the best on yet.  They have gone is a much different direction.   There are some great new characters.  All so, like how they are jumping back and forth in time.  It makes if so you want to know how everything ends up.  Much like the past season it will be broken up in two parts.  Eight episodes each.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 4 Trailer

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There is not too much longer before the fourth season of Fear The Walking Dead starts.  It will start up again April 15, 2018.  Which is all so the same day the last episode of The Walking Dead for season eight.  I am guess they will be aired back to back.  The reasons for talking about this again is.  There is a full trailer out.  Oh my is all I can say.  This season looks amazing.  There in a new location with all kinds of new characters.  We all so get a better look at how Morgan will be in this show.  As I am typing this (March 26, 2018) AMC doesn’t have it up on YouTube yet.  However Skybound does but the audio is a bit off.  Will post it any way.  Will replace it with a better one once this is on.  In the mean time check it out > here or below.

Fear The Walking Dead Season Four

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Good news to share if you are a fan of Fear The Walking Dead.   Season four is going to start April 15, 2018.  This season will be much different.  There is new people behind the scenes running it.  All so, there is a character well all know and love from The Walking Dead coming to this show.  It is Morgan.  Not sure how this will happen since the both shows take place in different parts of the country.  AMC put at a small teaser.  Which shows Morgan running down a road with a voice over.  You can see that > here or below.