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Fear The Walking Dead Season 3 Second Half

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It is now September now.  So there is only a few more days to go before the second half for season three of Fear The Walking Dead starts.  Much like it’s sister show.  Each half season feels like a whole new season.  Like the first half very much.  Has been the strongest season so far.  You are never really sure what crazy plot twists will happen.  Which is a good thing.  Keeps you watching.  This half starts up again September 10, 2017.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 Official Comic-Con Trailer

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The trailers just keep coming from this year (2017) Comic-Con.  This one is for the second half of Fear The Walking Dead, season three. The first half of the season was pretty awesome.  After watching the trailer > here or below.  The rest of the episodes are going to be epic. Think the trailer got over shadowed by the trailer for season 8 of The Walking Dead.  In my book they are equal.  The second half will start airing September 10, 2017.