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Elegoo Neptune 2 Received

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ELEGOO_Neptune_2.jpgIt was a week ago that I ordered a Elegoo Neptune 2 FDM 3D Printer off  At the time it was estimated to arrive on the 25th (today).  But early in the week received an email saying the shipment would be delayed until the 28th.  Then on the 25th another saying it couldn’t be delivered.  However the a slip in the mail box to pick it up at the post office.  So went and got it.  My plan is now on next day off it to put it together.  There will be many more posts talking about this 3D printer.

Elegoo Neptune 2 Ordered

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ELEGOO_Neptune_2.jpgIt was back in February (2021) that Elegoo announced the Neptune 2 FDM 3D Printer.  At that time they gave a list of Amazon sites and the prices for those countries.  Canada was one of them > here.  Ever since then would see this printer pop up on YouTube videos.  Was interested in getting one.  However ever time I looked at the Amazon page it would say “Currently Unavailable”.  Well the other day (June 15, 2021) randomly clicked that link again and see that there were three left in stock.   Was very shocked, then said if I don’t jump at this now I will miss out.

So ordered on right than.  All so get some PLA.  Not sure if it will be any good but it was an Amazon’s Choice product.  This one > here.  It four small spools of white, red, black and blue filament.  The printer should be here some time on for before this Friday (June 25, 2021).

Elegoo Neptune 2

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Talking about 3D Printers again.  Have decided on one.  Once the Elegoo Neptune 2 is available will order one.  They announced it back in February 2021. Since then it has not been in stock on any Amazon site.  All there is no info on it on their official website.  Have watched a bunch of videos of people that were sent to the for review.  So I am thinking Elegoo is waiting for all that feedback to make changes before mass shipping them out.  Will be keeping my on on the listing > here.   Maybe in a few weeks to months they will be out.  This might be my birthday present to myself latter in the summer.

ELEGOO Neptune 2

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ELEGOO_Neptune_2If you every stopped buy this blog you might now that I own an Elegoo Mars 3D printer.  This is a resin based machine.  I just found out they have a FDM printers now.  It is called the Elegoo Neptune 2.  They had a post on their Facebook page give a list of Amazon sites and the prices for those countries.  Here in Canada they have a listing > here.  Has I am typing this (February 11, 2021) there is not prices.  But I know what it is because of that Facebook listing.  It will be $230.00, which seems like are really good price.  Going to keep my eye on this and as look out or videos on YouTube as well.

FLSUN Q5 Or Artillery Genius

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Have made many posts talking about getting a FDM 3D printer.  Have narrowed it down to two.  The first one is the FLSUN Q5.  First talked about back in the summer of 2020.  It has a lot of nice features.  The second printer is the Artillery Genius.  Is pretty cool as well.  One down side to the FLSun is it is very tall.  So it might not fit were I would need to have.  As for the Genius it costs more.  Going to keep thinking on it some more.  Still need to save up some more money.