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Filaments Has Arrived

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Had a happy surprise this past Saturday (October 9, 2021) the PLA Filament I ordered from arrived.  When I first ordered it, which was a Monday, of that week.  It was estimated to show up at my door on Friday.  When that came and went got thinking it will be some time next week.  This was all Thanksgiving weekend as well.  Thinking that might push it back more.  Well when I came home from work on Saturday it was sitting on the step.  I came nicely packaged.  They even put in two re-sealable bags with salt packs. When I am on vacation plan to test this stuff out.

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Filaments_caA few post back talked about ordering some PLA filament.  Right after uploading, went on and ordered two rolls of basic PLA in black.  This one > here.  At the time of typing this (October 7, 2021) it is on sale for $17.95.  Which seems to be a really good deal.  They do have free shipping if you spend over $125.  Wasn’t going to do that so I had to pay for shipping.  That being said it was cheaper to go though them than to buy two rolls of   Should have it my hands some time next week.  Will be back with an update post.

PLA Filament

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Black_PLA_FilamentAm all most out of filament for my Elegoo Neptune 2.  So I need to ordered some more, in which I need to do soon.  Since I would like to have it on hand before my next vacation.  Was planning on getting some from, like I did the first time.  However came across a Canadian website called,  They have all different types, sizes and brands.  Some of them are even made here in Canada.  They all so have really good price points.  So thinking I will ordered two rolls from them, as long as the shipping doesn’t add up to be more then filament from Amazon.

Batmobile 1989 3D Printing Model

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Batmobile_1989_3D_Printing_ModelFound this really cool 3D printable mode of the 1989 Batmobile over at  It is like the car model kits you can buy but you print it and then put it together.  You can see it > here.  There is a lot of cool thins on this site.  They all pretty much cost money.  That is because the models are more high end than on other sites.  Am very temped to get it.  However it cost $35.00.  Just not sure if I am ready in my 3D print skills just yet for it.

Landy Mini By 3D Sets

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Landy_Mini_By_3D_SetsFound an interesting model I would like to print over at Prusa Printers.   It is called Landy Mini by 3D Sets.  The people over at 3D Sets make awesome models that are for turning into RC cars.  The model on Prusa Printers is free to download.  There are 47 files to print.  Then you put it together.  But you will need some screws.  In the instructions they show which ones to get.  Am thinking I will give this a try when I get some more PLA.  Am all most out and this model will use a lot.

More Painting A 3D Model

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Once again talking about painting 3D prints that I made with the Elegoo Neptune 2.  This time it is for a Batman model.  There is a really cool looking one over on Thingiverse, this one > here.  Very simple looking but with lot of detail in the cape.  Wanted to print this one besides looking cool.  It would be easy to paint.  Once I had it primed in grey.  Did two coats of black and a bit of white for the eyes.  After that spayed on some clear coat.  Think it turned out good.  But sadly Batman lost a battle with gravity and broke an ear.

Painting A 3D Model

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A few posts back talked about painting 3D prints that I made with the Elegoo Neptune 2.  In that one was going to practices on a No Man’s Sky ship model (this one > here).  Well decided to try something a bit simpler first.  My brother wanted a shotgun shell.  Found one (> here) that is hollow.  So the top comes off so you can put things in it.  Printed it at 200% upscaled in black PLA.  It turned out great.  It was now time to paint.  First primed it grey.  That takes about 24 hours to set.  Next up taped up the bottom of the shell.  As not to get any red paint on that part.  The red took three coats.  After that painted the bottom with brushed bronze.   Again that took three coats.  The next day sprayed it will a clear coat.  That is so you can touch without the paint coming off.  Painted with acrylic, which is water based.   Am very happy with the way it turned out.

Painting 3D Prints

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If you have stopped by this blog the past few months you might now that I got myself an Elegoo Neptune 2.  While I was on vacation decided it was time to try and paint some of the things I have printed.  Have never do that before so looked at some videos on YouTube.  Seems pretty straight forward, it just takes a lot of practices to make it look good.  Do have a really big print of a troll that has lots of detail.  But think I will wait on panting that.  So going to practices on the No Man’s Sky ship model (this one > here) found on Thingiverse.

Fab365 Model – Lambda-class T-4a Shuttle

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Lambda-class_T-4a_ShuttleA few posts back talked out the website,  Well signed up for the site and downloaded one of their free models.  This one > here, the Lambda-class T-4a shuttle.  Not a big Star Wars fan but think it’s a cool model.  There are six files to print but you only need five, depending on how you want to display it.  I choice to use the pedestal.  That took about three hours to print.  The main body took about four.  The big wing took about two hours.  Then an hour and half for the two other wings.  Am very happy with how it turned out.

Fab365 3D Model Site

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A few posts back made one about websites that have files you can prints on 3D prints.  Have coma across another one which is really cool,  They have some free model as well as paid ones.  What makes they standout the models a designed for FDM printers and all the models are all so designed to be printed with out supports.  Most of the models fold or snap together with only using a bit of glue.  Going to try a few on there free models out first.   Will be back with an update.