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Far Cry New Dawn

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Far_Cry_New_DawnThere is a new Far Cry game coming out very soon.  It is called Far Cry New Dawn.  It is based off Far Cry 5.  It will be a standalone sequel. The story takes place 17 years after Far Cry 5.  Where the world is forever changed after the event at the end of that game.  The map will look a lot different but you will recognize parts of it.  Have watched the trailer, which you can do > here.  Must say it looks pretty good.  Know it will be fun as well because it will be just like the past bunch of Far Cry games.  It is get to be out February 15, 2019.  Have all so read that it will be cheaper then most new games.  In the states it will be $40.  So guess it will be $60 here.

Far Cry 5 New Game + Hands On

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Have giving up playing the last DLC for Far Cry 5.  Wasn’t having any fun with it.  So decided to give the newly added Game + option a try.  This lets you restart the game from the start while keeping everything you unlocked as well as the perks.  Once you get past the opening part of the game and are set free in the open world.  That is when you get to switch up the weapons you own.  The perks have changed as well.  You can stack a few of them up to 50 times.  These are the ones related to the ammo and guns for hire perks.  All ready own all the perks so being able to use the left over points I have and new ones I will find along the way is great.  All so own the season pass of I can use some of the weapons from the DLC packs.  Have fun using one for the Mars DLC.  It takes out the very fast.

Far Cry 5 New Game +

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Yep, yet one more post talking about Far Cry 5.  As they were releasing the last DLC, Dead Living Zombies.  There was a big update for the game.  They  are calling it Title Update 10.  This adds an awesome feature I hoped they would,  New Game +.  Basically if you finished the game it will let you replay from the beginning while keep all the stuff you unlocked and or bought.  Think this is awesome.  It all so lets you stack some of the perks.  I have all the perks unlocked with a whole bunch left over.  So being able to use them is nice as well.  There is a new difficulty mode as well called Infamous.  You can do the New Game + as much as you want.  So if you beat the game a second time you can keep going.  Think I will be giving this a try one I finish the new DLC.  You can read more about it > here.

Far Cry 5: Dead Living Zombies Hands On

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That last DLC for Far Cry 5, Dead Living Zombies is now out.   In my past post talking about there other two DLC’s.  I liked them but at the same time were not that much fun.  Am hoping this one is.  So gave it a try.  Well, I like the way the have it setup.  They have Guy Marvel pitching zombie movies ideas to seven different directors.  So have these seven maps to play though. Each in unlocked by beating the one before it.  The thing is, it is not fun. The zombies respawn.  To stop that you have to shot out this glass containers.  Which is a pain.  Another thing I don’t like is, if you die you have to restart the whole level again.  Forced my way to the fourth map.  Then gave up.  Wasn’t having any fun at all.

Far Cry 5: Dead Living Zombies Trailer

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Days after writing the post about Far Cry 5 next and last DLC, Dead Living Zombies.  Ubisoft put out a teaser video, which you can see > here or below.  They all so say it will be out August 28, 2018.  In the video it is like the the other DLC showing the characters in cartoon animation.  Which then bleeds into game play.  It looks interesting.  Just hope it is more fun then the other two DLC’s.  They were fine to play just weren’t all that fun.  Will find out pretty soon.

Far Cry 5: Dead Living Zombies

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We are into the middle of August (2018) so the last DLC for Far Cry 5, Dead Living Zombies should be out soon.  Not sure what day yet.  From what I have read it just says August.  Last week there was an update for the game that added the zombie assets to the arcade mode as well a the list of trophies.  So I am guess it will be out very soon.  Have played the the other two DLC’s.  There were fine but once I played though it once had no desire to try them again.  May be this one will.

Far Cry 5: Lost On Mars

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The first DLC for Far Cry 5, Hours of Darkness was out in June (2018).  The next one called Lost On Mars will be out July 17, 2018.   This piece of DLC is much different.  As you can guess from the name it will take place on Mars.  Were you will fight alien arachnids.  We will get to use all kinds of new weapons and gear.  One of which is a jetpack.  That sounds fun.  They all ready add items from this DLC in to the Arcade mode.  I am guess that there will be more once it is official out.  All so think some of the weapons will make it into the main game.

Far Cry 5 Hours Of Darkness

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The first piece of DLC for Far Cry 5 is now out.  Well it was out days a go.  On June 5, 2018.  It is called Hours of Darkness.  The story takes place during the Vietnam War.  You play the character, Wendell Redler.  You meet him in the main game.  He is the guy that sends you looking for the lighters hidden all over the map.  As for the gameplay.  It pretty much plays like the Far Cry we know and love.  It does do one thing differently.  You get four perks on the side of the screen.  Each one helps you out.  To unlock them you must preform a stealth kill.  The more you do that the more the perks unlock.  However if they bad guys see you the perks are reset.

Have only played a little bit so far.  Have read it can take three to four hours to finish.  When you do finish it.  It unlocks two other modes to play.  One makes it harder and the makes it easier.

Far Cry 5 Season Pass

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Have finished the story mode Far Cry 5 long with just about everything else you can do in the game.  Minus a few challenges and one or two stunt missions.  Put about 55 hours or so into that.  Even after all that still playing the game.  Each week there is a Live Events which I like to do.  They have you taking out the bad guys in same way.  When you reach a set number it unlocks a weapon or some other item.  Then there is the other half.  If everyone who is playing the that reach a bigger set number it unlocks something else.  Most time it is some type of outfit.  Only people who take part will get these items,  Then there are the challenges in the Arcade Mode.  Have been playing a lot of that as well.  There is some pretty awesome maps out now.

Have been enjoying all this stuff.  So thinking I will buy the games season pass.  Have ever bought one before.  Have come close a few times.  But there is something special about this game.  The pass comes with the add-ons  Dead Living Zombies, Hours of Darkness and Lost on Mars.  The first one will be Hours of Darkness.  Which is downloadable June 5, 2018.  Another thing with the pass you get is, Far Cry 3 Classic Edition.  Think I am going to go for it.  It costs $40.00 here in Canada.

Far Cry 5 Arcade Map Editor

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Yes, another post talking about Far Cry 5.  A friend and I have been spent a few hours playing a whole bunch of maps in the Arcade Mode.  Since the game has been out for some months now.  There are a lot of good, great and very bad maps.  The game come with a map editor.  Was reluctant to try it out.  Well the other day decided to give it a go.  Once I had it load it up.  Was very impressed.  It wasn’t a confusing as I thought it would be.  Sure there is lot going on.  But it is easy to figure out.  All so there is lots of help online.  After playing around with it.  Have decided that I will try and make a map.