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Far Cry 3 1.05 Patch

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FarCry3.jpgYou might remember at few days back made a post talking about the new features coming to Far Cry 3.  If you own a copy for the PC the patch is out.  All so if you own a Xbox 360 copy the it out today (March 5, 2013) as well.  I have a copy for my PS3 so I have to wait until tomorrow, March 6, 2013.  It’s no big deal I can wait an extra day.   Think it will be a blast to take over all the outposts again with all the skills and weapons unlocked.  The patch has all kinds fixes for single and multiplayer.  You can see the most update list on those fixes > here.

Far Cry 3 New Features

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FarCry3.jpgNot sure how many posts I have made about Far Cry 3 but I am making another one.  Last week Ubisoft put out some info on new features and changes coming to the game.  They didn’t say when the patch was coming out but I hope it is soon.    Because the coolest thing they are doing is letting the player to reset all the outposts.  This is one of the best parts of the game, taking over the outposts.  There is a catch.  You have to have taken over all the outposts to be being with and finished the game.  Another thing they are adding to the single player is a new difficulty setting called Master.  That makes the game more difficult.  They are all so adding new features to the multiplayer map maker stuff.   You can see all the changes they are adding  > here.   I am a bit excited for this outpost reset option.  Now that I have all the good gear and all this skills unlocked it will make it more fun to try out different ideas on how to take over an outpost.   Will yet you know then the patch is released.

Far Cry 3

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FarCry3.jpgYes, I am talking about Far Cry 3 yet again.  This time because last night got 100% finished in the game.  That means found all the hidden items, did all the missions/ side missions, unlocked all the skills and weapons.  Now I am working to see if I can get all the trophies (or achievements if you have and Xbox 360).  If I do that will be the first game that I got them all in.  Came close in one other game.  But as you can tell this is one of my, if not, all time favourite games.  There is still things I want to do in the game.  After putting about 50 hours just into the single player mode.  I want to get all the paint jobs for all the weapons.   Have most of those all ready.  Think there may be four or five left to do.  Spent some time into the co-op mode as well.   Have to say that is pretty fun.  The only thing I wish I could do in that is pick the level to play.  Because some time I end up playing the same level a lot.  Still haven’t see some of them yet.  If you have not tried this game yet.  Go and get it.  A must buy.

Far Cry 3 Multiplayer/Co-Op

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FarCry3.jpgBack again talking about Far Cry 3.  Have pretty much done all you can do in the single player.  Just about half of the idols left and may be go after some of the trophies.  So decided to give the multiplayer a try.   It was ok.  Didn’t find it fun.  Like most games now a days it has the Call of Duty elements to  it.   With all the levelling up and unlocking stuff.  Only played one round of team deathmatch.   Thought I would give co-op a try.  Once I got into a match it was pretty fun.  Only played one part of a mission but it work and play great.  Going to go and give it another try.  Just like if the multiplayer you level up and stuff as well.  Would like to try all the co-op missions just to see how good it can be.  Think I will download the free missions they put out last week.