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Back Into Fallout 4 – Again

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After I gave up playing Destiny 2 decided to jump back into Fallout 4.  Bought this game day one when it came out in 2015.  Think I played around 55 hours and then stopped playing.  Tried getting back into in 2017 but again stopped playing.  Well since then have played many more games that have RPG elements.  So jumped back in again with a new character.  My goal is to play the story mission and side ones.  All so do more of the crafting.  The first time around spent most of time just exploring and collection loot.  For a game that is seven years old now it still look great and fun to play.

Fallout 76 – Fallout 4

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Fallout_76Every since the announced Fallout 76 the internet has had their pitch forks out.  Like they all ways do.  While I have not played it yet.  It does look like there will be some fun to had.  Will not be buying this right way.  Mostly because I am still playing Red Dead Redemption 2.  All so will wait for a price drop.  After watching some gameplay videos on it and it makes me want to go back an play some for Fallout 4.  So got thinking about all those people complaining about 76.  Just got back and play the other Fallout games.  Or may be something else.

Back Into Fallout 4

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One of the best games ever is Fallout 4.  Owned this game since launch back in November 2015.  Played around 55 hours before putting it aside.  Now that I finished Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands.  Was thinking about buying a new game.  There is one I really want.  While waiting for next pay day.  Put Fallout 4 back in.  Decided to start from the very beginning with a new character.  Got sucked right back in.  So know am think I will be playing this for awhile.  Then I will go buy the game I really after that.

Fallout 4

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Fallout_4.jpgIts has been about three weeks since Fallout 4  came out.  Have put about 36 hours into playing and have barely put a scratch into what the game has to offer.  Have done very few quest.  Spend most of the time exploring, collecting junk then crafting.  That is what is great about this game.  It is a different experience for everyone.  So people just play though the main storyline.  Other may just do the side quest.  Have seen lots of pictures of people building all kinds of crazy basses.  There is something new around every corner.  May never finish this game.   Which doesn’t matter because I am have fun no matter what.

Fallout 4 Crafting

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Fallout_4.jpgHave put some time into Fallout 4 and enjoyed very minute.  It takes some time to get used to the menus as well as the crafting. It is not the best menu system out there.  However once you do it pretty easy to navigate.  If you ever played any of the games these guys make you know there is all kinds of stuff to pickup.  Most time its just junk that has no use.  This game is different.  There is a craft system.  All the items can be broken down in to components.  Which is cool.  But tying to find components you need can be a pain.  Found something the makes it better.  If you try to craft something and are missing components you can flag it.   When you are out in the world exploring and come across items.  A little magnifying glass is next to the name of the item.  So I flag all the components that are harder to come by.  Now that the game has been out for a week.  There are all kinds of videos out there on what people have made.  There is some much to look at explore have only did about four missions.  It is easy to get distracted.  Making your own fun.

Price Of Video Games

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Fallout_4.jpgWant to talk about the price of videos games on how they are way too much now.  I know every time a new generation of game consoles comes out they price goes a bit.  Because they are new and the last gen games are still being made.  Then after a while the price will go down.  So far that has not happened.  Remember buying lots of game for my PS3 an they cost $60.  Then when the when I buy my PlayStation 4 they still cost about $60.  Then the price when up.  I was kind of fine with at.  Next the games went up to $70 plus tax.  Back in February (2015) bought the PS4 version GTA V with was $70.  With tax it came to 80.49.  A few days ago picked up Fallout 4.  That game any pretty much all the new games cost $80.  So with tax it cost me just about $92.00.  Which is insane.  I know some people will wait for a price drop.  However I feel like why should someone who wants a new game that just came out wait six months to a year to buy the game they are looking forward to playing.  I know for one think I will be buy less games if this price point keeps up.

Fallout 4

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Fallout_4.jpgIt is Tuesday November 10, 2015.  So that means it Fallout 4 day.  Have been looking forward to playing this game even since I seen they show it off at this years E3.  Did play a bit o Fallout 3.  But never could get into it.  However I can see myself getting into this one.  So at lunch time today went and picked up myself a copy.  There was not one else there getting a copy.  Only one old guy picking up Call of Duty for someone else.  About to load it up.  Will be back with a first impressions  update after playing for a bit.

[Update]  Played a little over two hours.  First off the game is very nice looking.  Spent most of the time looking at stuff and exploring around the first part of the world.  Right after you leave the fault.  Still getting use to the VATS system.  There looks like there is a lot of crafting stuff as well. Did a small bit of that.  Like cooking food and upgrade my gun.  Really like it so far.