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The Rundown – Shout-out

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EPNHave be a fan been a fan of EPN (all so known as Electric Playground or EP Daily).  They might not be on TV any more.  However, for years now have been uploading their work the their YouTube channel > here.  Have been subscribed to the channel when there there was less then 100 people all so subscribed.  Every now again would leave a comment.

The main videos they put out everyday is called The Rundown.  It covers big news in gaming, TV, movies and stuff like that.  At the beginning of each episode Victor Lucas does a shout-out to someone who might a made a comment on a previous video or a comment on Twitter.  Well on the August 1, 2017.  I got The Rundown shout-out dedicated to me.  Was every surprised.  Put a big smile on my face.  You can see the video > here or below.  If you are into video game or pop culture in any may.  Check out their YouTube channel.  There is stuff being upload all the time.


Won A Contest

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Game_Of_Thrones_Limited_Edition_SteelbookDuring the first week of November (2015).  The people over at Electric Playground were running a contest to will a copy of season one and two Game of Thrones in the new limited edition steelbook case.  What makes these special is not only the discs come in a fancy new case.  There is a very nice magnet with each.  A Direwolf sigil for season one.   Season two as a Lannister sigil.  The other big thing about these Blu-rays is they come with new audio tech called Dolby Atmos.

The reason I am talking about this because I won.  Received an email on a Thursday saying I have one and that I should be hearing from HBO soon.  Then a few days later on Monday there were a package at my door.  This is very exciting.  I have never won anything before.  Sure a few dollars on lottery ticket but that is not the same.