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Enemies & Allies: Book Review

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EnemiesAllies Finished reading the book Enemies & Allies: The Dark Knight Meets The Man of Steel. I really liked the book.  It read like a TV or movie.  The chapters were broken up into one for Batman and the next for Superman.  Also the chapters were short but that’s a good thing.  The story moves along at a good pace.  Didn’t take long to get into the good action.

This is a great read.  It might seem a bit simple read but is fun.  I like this kinds of novels.  These books are like comic books with out the comic part.  I think the stories can be flushed out more.  I enjoyed reading this so I give it high marks.  Its only a book for fans.  I can see it bringing new fans in.

5 out of 5 GT  (GT = Good Times) Books

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Bought some new books from for a really good deal.  They shipped them on Nov 17 and got them on the 20th.  I was really happy how quickly they arrived.  Was wait for Charley Boorman’s new book to come out, By Any Means 2.  Was looking to see when it came out and they had it on sale for $16.38.   So I could not pass that up.  To get free shipping you have to send over $39.  So I all so order Enemies & Allies: A Novel (Hardcover) which was all so on sale.  That didn’t add up to $39 so I ended up ordering a book my mother want as well.