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Lethal Enforcers

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Lethal_EnforcersMade a few posts talking about Lethal Enforcers 2: Gun Fighters on the SEGA Genesis.  We had lot of fun with this light gun game.  One day while looking at games to rent we seen Lethal Enforcers.  We rented it on the spot.  With part two we just used the Genesis controllers.  At the rental store the first game come with the a big blue light gun called The Justifier.  Remember being super excited to get home and use it.  We took turns playing though both games.

Flash forward to day.  Through emulation got to replay both of theses.  While the first game doesn’t hold up well. However think there is some fun to be had even if you are using a controller.  While looking up info on this game seen that there was a PlayStation version.  So gave that a go.  It is not a great port because there are some stupid long load times.  Then a few days back got to give the Arcade version of the game a try.  Again with a controller but this is the best one to play.  It runs better and there is a lot more detail.  An since it emulation I have unlimited quarters.  Think I will make a video on comparing the version of the games.  They only version I haven’t tired is the SEGA CD.


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ODROID-GO_AdvanceThinking about getting a put it together yourself handheld emulation device called, ORROID-Go Advance.  The company makes a lot of single board computes.  They all so have made another handheld in the past.  The one is a lot better.  It comes in a kit form and you assemble it yourself.  Seen some videos on it and it runs games great.  All so watched one on how to put it together.  Pretty straight forward.  They only tricky part in the screen and it ribbon.  The website say it costs $55.00.  Guessing that is US money.  Not sure how much shipping will be. Going to look into it more.

Lethal Enforcers II: Gun Fighters

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It was back in 2015 when I first blogged about Lethal Enforcers 2: Gun Fighters.  Played it at a friends house on a SEGA Genesis.  My brother and I had a copy when we were kids.  We would play thought it start to finish just about weekly.  Well a few nights go played it again this time though emulation on a PC in two player.  The game is very dated but still lots of fun.  While looking at the Wikipedia page (linked above) read that there was a PlayStation compilation of the two games.  Never knew that.  Going to see if I can get my hands on a copy just to see if its better or worst then the Genesis version.

Ninja Baseball Bat Man

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Ninja_Baseball_Bat_ManGot to check out a very silly but fun game the other day.  A friend has made a full size arcade cabinet.  He showed me the game Ninja Baseball Bat Man.  This is a very Japanese.  It plays just like every other beat ‘em up game.  Makes makes this one standout are the bad guys.  They are crazy looking, let funny at the same time.   Played one of levels.  The end boss had be cracking up.  It was called Mechanical Alligator.  Part way though the battle its tail comes off.  So you have to fight that as well.  The best part is when you win, it turns into hand bag.  Well I have not laugh that hard at a video game in a long time.  Would like to play the whole game jus to see all of it.