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Resin Curing Station

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Now that I have my Elegoo Mars resin 3D printer.  Need a way to cure the resin.  This has to be done because it is toxic until it’s dry.  There are lots of different ones to buy or you could make your own.  Looked at a few tutorials and come up with this easy one linked > here.  It is a box lined with tinfoil.  Then you cut hole in the top or the UV light.  I just need a light.  Looked for a nail curing station with a lot of people are using locally.  But had no luck.  So ordered one online.  While I waited for that started on the box. Used the tutorial linked above with a few changes.  First I opened the box flat.  Then ran the foil a long it and taped it in place.  Next taped the box back together.  After that for the bottom took a bigger piece of cardboard and covered that in foil.  How it works is.  You put the bottom piece down.  Place you printed item in the middle.  Cover that with the box.  Then place the UV light on top with a hole cut to let light in.  As I am typing this have tried it.  Is easy and cheep to make.

Elegoo Mars 3D Printer

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Elegoo_MarsHave been watching and reading about the 3D Printer, Elegoo Mars, for about half a year.  A few weeks ago learned about Elegoo’s washable resin.  With the regular resin you need to clean your prints with alcohol (IPA).  With this other stuff you just need warm water.  It’s still toxic so you can’t put in down the drain until you filter the water.  Think it’s still better than using IPA.  Couldn’t find the resin on but found some on .com.  They had two bottles left so ordered them.  Next I ordered the printer off .ca which they had on for 20% off.  About a week later they were at the post office.

[Update] Have everything I need to start printing.  The machine setup is very easy.  Did the test print and it turned out awesome.  After that printed one more thing. While waiting for the print to come in the mail.  Downloaded the program that works with the printer called ChiTuBox.  This is where you put your 3D models in to add supports and slice the file.  Then that file goes on an USB drive that the printer reads.  I got three other files ready to go.  Will talk about the program more in another post.