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Assassin’s Creed Origins

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Assassins_Creed_OriginsE3 2017 is now over.  There has been a lot of cool games shown off.  One I was looking very forward to seeing is the new Assassin’s Creed game.  Which is called Assassin’s Creed Origins.  Am a huge fan of this series.  Watched a bunch of videos of the game.  One of which you can see > here or below. The video is about 30 minutes.  It looks amazing.  They revamped the whole thing while keeping what makes this series so awesome in tacked.  Not only does the map beautiful it is massive.  The combat looks a lot more fun.  There is the new gear and leveling like rpg elements.  Can’t wait to play the game.  It will be out October 27, 2017.

E3 2017

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It is June so that means its all most time for E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo).  Look forward to this week every year.  This is when a lot of new upcoming games are shown off for the first time.  All when they will be able to play them.  The best is all the surprises that get announced at the press conferences.  Speaking of them the first one takes place this Saturday June 10th.  Which is being put on by EA.  The three I looking forward to the most are Bethesda (Sunday June 11), Ubisoft and Sony’s (Monday June 12) ones.  Not sure if  I will be able to watch them live yet.  That is because of the time differences.  Think there is a four to five hour difference.  Once the the press conferences are over.  The official show runs from June 13 to 15, 2017.  Oh, and for the first time E3 is open to the public.

Far Cry 5

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Far_Cry_5Yesterday Ubisoft put out a small tease on some upcoming game.  We are still weeks away for E3 2017.  So was a bit surprised that they put out any info.  Well they didn’t really give any info other than that there are some big game franchises sequels coming this year and next.  One of which is Far Cry 5.  Became a fan of this series when I seen game play of Far Cry 3.  Once I got a copy of the game.  Played the hell out of it.  Happens to one of the first games I every got 100% in.  Then when part 4 was out did the same thing.  So can’t wait to here more about that new and crazy stuff this one will have.  When there is more info I will be back with posts.