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DualShock 4 Controller

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I do hope at this years Black Friday sales the PS4 DualShock 4 controllers go on sale.  The Wave Blue one I bought back in 2015 is starting to ware a in spots.  Since I plan on keeping my PS4 forever would like a new controller.  Have held one of the newer versions of these.  They seem lighter and made a bit differently.  But yet the same.  All so thinking may be I should buy a PS4 Slim or Pro to keep in the box just in case mine dies.  Would wait for a big price drop first on that.  Will keep my eyes on the flyers.

DUALSHOCK 4 Back Button Attachment

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DUALSHOCK_4_Back_Button_AttachmentThere is an interesting device come for the PS4’s Dualshock 4 controller.  It is called the Back Button Attachment..  It is a small device that plugs into the bottom of the controller.  Which adds two buttons to the back.  These can be programed to be what ever buttons you want it to be.  This idea has been used in high end third party controllers for a few years now.  It is a cool idea.  Thinking the new PS5 controller will have this all ready built in.  As for this device it’s self was out on January 23, 2020. has it listed for $40.00.  I have no need for one but if they ever get mark down in the future might get one.

PlayStation DualShock 4 Wave Blue

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DualShock_4_Wave_BlueThe whole Black Friday deals is still new here in Canada.  A lot of places were having all weekends sales.  The only thing that caught my eye was that DualShock 4 controllers were on sale.  Have been eyeballing the Wave Blue one for a long time now.  Saying to myself wait until they go on sale.  The going price here for a new one is $75.00 plus tax.  Which is way to much.  They were on sale for $49.99 pretty much every were.  Did head over to Walmart on Friday after work.  There was about twenty people in line all looking for help with something.  So I left.  Went back Saturday and only had one person in front of me.  All so lucked out again because they only had one Wave Blue left.  The only thing different than the regular black controller is the top plastic part is blue.  I nice looking blue so I had to have it.

PlayStation 4 2.50 System Update

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PlayStation4.jpgBack on March 26, 2014 PlayStation 4 got a system update, 2.50.  This update has a kinds of new stuff.  The two biggest things are Suspend/Resume and Back up and restore HDD to USB.  The first one will let you while playing a game press the PS button and choose rest mode.  It will stop the game and save your spot.  When you are ready to play again.  You just need to press the PS button again.  This is a pretty cool feature that has long be in the works.  They first talked about it back even before the PS4 was out.  The other bigger feature back up to USB is awesome as well.  They had a similar feature on the PS3.  This one however is much better.  Because backups pretty much everything.  Like your saves, settings even patches and download data.  Going to try this new feature our for sure.  You can read all about this and the other features > here.

PlayStation 4 Firmware 2.00

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PlayStation4.jpgToday (October 28, 2014) this is a new firmware update for the PlayStation 4.  This 2.00 update called Masamune brings all kinds of new features to the PS4.  You will now be able to play MP3 from a USB drive without the music stopping.  So you can play your music over the game audio or what ever you are doing.  We be able to upload video straight to YouTube now. There will all so be new themes.  So you can change how the “desktop” looks.  How ever the coolest feature is called Share Play.  A simple explanation.  You are playing a game and want your friend to see what you are doing.  Your press the share button on the controller, go though the menus and you friend can see what you see on your TV.  Then at any point you can pass the virtual controller.  So now your friend is playing your game on their TV.  Another option is.  Lets say you are playing a sports game which is two player.  You can set it up so that your friend is playing the game you own on your TV while the are streaming it to theirs.  All most like playing like there are in the room with you.  All this sounds pretty cool.  But my guess it is not going to work right out of the gate.  Will give it a try but now it will be a work in progress.  There is a video explaining ever thing > here or below.  All so GameSpot has a nice article breaking down point by point what this new update will do.  Which you can read > here.

DualShock 4

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DualShock4I am enjoying my time with the Playstation 4.  All so really liking the DualShock 4.  It is much better than the DualShock 3 which was pretty good as well.  With every generation they improve a lot.  It is much wider the stick and triggers feel a lot better.  The click track pad in the middle of the controller works really well.  At first I wasn’t sure how it would work out.  Over all it fit perfectly in my hands.  The only downside is the battery doesn’t seem to last that long.  Not sure how many hours I used it but about five days with an hour of so each day.  The message comes up on the screen saying the battery is running low.  The Dual 3 has a much better battery life.  Going to try and keep track on how long it last for next time.

PlayStation 4

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PlayStation4As a birthday gift to myself I bought a PlayStation 4.   The game I bought with it is Watch Dogs.   Picked up Watch Dogs first on my lunch break from work. Next was to find one.  Have been looking a FutureShop’s website for the past five days or so to see if they had any in stock.  Every time I looked it said there was none in the store near me.  Check one more time on my birthday and they had them in stock.  Want to buy it a FutureShop because I had some gift cards I can use.

Once I had it out of the box and all hocked up.  The set up was a breeze.  First there was a small update file that download then installed.  All ready have a PSN account so all I had to do was sign in with at.  The menu screens are different but all most the same is some ways as they are on the PS3.  It is very easy to navigate around. Checked out the PSN store next.  Looks just the PS3 version but with less stuff.  Downloaded TowerFall Ascension.  This is one of the free games you can get in July if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber.  The first version of TowerFall was an exclusive to the Ouya.   This new version is not only on the PS4 but computers as well.  You can play the game by yourself but its best played local multiplayer.

The best thing is the new controller, DualShock 4.  Have talked about it before when I got to check out a friends PS4.  Now that I had some time to use my own.  It is the best controller I have ever used.  Will be back to talk about Watch Dogs in another post.

PlayStation Plus

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PlayStationPlusCardPlan to buy myself a PlayStation 4 for my birthday.  Which is only a few weeks away.  You need PlayStation Plus to play online with the PS4.  Which not that big of a deal.  Since there are some great perks for having it.  Every month there are free games PS3, PS4 and Vita.  That is another good thing you only need one Plus account to all three systems.  My plan is to buy a PS Plus card before getting a PS4.

[Update]  When to Walmart on my break to get a PS Plus card but they didn’t have any.  So What I did was buy a PSN (oh sorry) it is now called Sony Entertainment Network now.   Add that money to my account and bought Plus off the PlayStation store.

PlayStation 4

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PlayStation4.jpgHave been thinking about getting myself a PlayStation 4 soon.  Have a birthday coming in few months.  So thinking that is when I will buy one.  There is a bunch of games coming in the fall and around the holidays to look forward to.  The first games I want to get is Watch Dogs, which is out May 27, 2014.  All so want Trials Fusion.  All so need to get PlayStation Plus to play online.  There are some good perks when getting Plus besides playing online.  Every month they have a bunch of game for free to download.  Most of these game are pretty good.  For example one month it was  Bioshock Infinite.  Another great thing is it covers all three devices PS3, Vita and PS4.  So thinking I will get that before I even get a PS4.  Will be back when an update when I do.  Provided I can even find one.

PlayStation 4 Price

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PlayStation4.jpgHave some bad news to share.  If you are like me and thinking about buying a PlayStation 4 the price has gone up.  It will cost $50 more now.  So it will be $450 now plus tax.  From what I am reading from different sites Sony is saying it is because, “to respond to changes in the market environment.”  Think that is pretty much bullshit.  Guess I will have to save some more money or wait for a sale.  Still a little way off from buying one since never seen any in stores.  Plus this price hike.  Oh, the controls are going up by $5 and some of the new games will be $70.  Don’t think Sony is going to win any new fans with this price hikes.