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PlayStation 5

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My birthday is getting closer and thinking I should see if I can get my hands on a PlayStation 5.  Have never seen one in person and only know two people that have one.  While I am very happy with the PS4 and all the games.  There is a few that have upgrades for the PS5. All so pretty soon most newer ones will be for the next gen.  For example, Gotham Knights, that was going to be out for the PS4 as well but that so been cancelled.  All so looking forward to to the big update for The Witcher 3.  Very much want to play though that again.  The only thing is, I don’t know if I can really get my hands on one.  Look at the local Walmart every time I go there and nothing.  Am going to try Best Buy next.  Really don’t want to buy one online just in case the shipping messes it up.

PlayStation 4 Game On The PlayStation 5

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With the PlayStation 5 getting closer to being out (November 12, 2020.  Sony has put out a bunch of quick videos on how to set it up and log in.  That kind of stuff.  Another one of the videos they called about transferring you date over from the PS4 to PS5.  Which you can see > here or below.  It is pretty straight forward.  One thing I hope would be true.  Was taking the external hard drive I have on the PS4 and just plug it right into the PS5 when I get one and would work that same.  Happy to say it does that.  Think that is awesome.  At some point in the future will have a PS5 so will be loading up that external drive with all my favourites.

PlayStation 5 Teardown Video

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A few days ago PlayStation put out a video on tearing down the PlayStation 5.  First off it is in Japanese so if you watch the video > here or below you will need to turn on sub titles.  Did learn some things from this video.  Like the white sides come up.  Which has two spots that collect dust so you can vacuum it out.  All so the stand is pretty cool.  The biggest is here is a spot to add more storage with one of those M.2 SSD things.  Am guessing there are very expensive.  There are a bunch of high speed USB ports.  So hoping you can add and external hard drive like with the PS4.  In time we will find out.

PlayStation 5 Showcase News – Launch Date And Price

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Got home from work wanted to know that the big news from the PlayStation 5 Showcase video that was out today (September 16, 2020).  Didn’t watch it yet just looked at some quick info.  Am happy to see that the announced a launch date, November 12, 2020.   The price is around what I was guessing.  Here in Canada the main PS5 will be $630.00 and the Digital Edition will be $500.00.  Plan the watch the video after posting this to see what else they had to say.  Will not get one right way.  Thinking my be sometime next summer.

PlayStation 5 Showcase

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Now that Fall is upon us Sony announced that they will be having a PlayStation 5 Showcase soon.  Very soon September 16, 2020.  Like most I have been waiting to see how much they are going to cost.   That being said they might not even tell us.  In their small announcement blog post > here, they say they will be showing off games coming at launch and beyond from their worldwide studios.  They all so say the video will be around 40 minutes.  I do hope they give us more info other than just games.  Even though I will not be buying one right way.  Sill want to know then it will be out and how much.

PlayStation 5 Event Back On

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Back on June 4, 2020 Sony planed a event to talk about PlayStation 5.  A few days before it was going to take place they postponed it.  There was no new date set.  I was thinking may be in July but I am wrong.  Because they are back in a new blog post > here saying the event will take place this Thursday, June 11, 2020.  Looking forward to see this video.  I do hope they say that it can play PS3 and PS2 games.  All so hope they say how much it will cost.  Don’t plan on buying one right way.  Unless they show off some super awesome feature.  Then again it not like we will be able to buy on day one any way.

PlayStation 5 Event Postponed

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A few days ago Sony put out a post saying they will be talking about PlayStation 5 on June 4, 2020 with a live stream.  That has been postponed now because of all the craziest that going on in the U.S.  Do understand why.  Seen a lot of posts from other media an entertainment company’s on what’s going on.  Very interesting times we are living in.  Will keep an eye out for when they plan a new reveal date.

PlayStation 5 News

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Have some awesome news to share about the PlayStation 5.  Sony is finely going to talk about it soon.  They put out a teaser video > here or below and along with a blog post.  Saying, “Join us for a look at the future of gaming. Watch the live stream June 4 at 1:00 PM (PDT)”.   This happens to be next Thursday.  In the blog post > here.  They say they will showing some games.  As well as technical specs for it as well as the new DualSense controller.  Can’t wait to see this.  I do hope they say it can play PS3/PS2 games.  But one thing I know for sure it will cost a lot more in Canada.


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DualSenseOut of nowhere Sony put out pictures and info on the new controller for the PlayStation 5.   It is called DualSense.  From the look of it, it is the most different looking PlayStation controller to date.  But while looking a bit the same.  They have add a bunch of new tech to it.  Two that stood our for me.  One is they have put haptic feedback into some of the buttons.  This means the buttons can push back while you press them.  Much like some of the fancy racing wheels you can get.  The other feature that stands out for me is, a built in mic.  Not sure how well that will work.  Looking forward to getting my hands on one at some point.  You read more about it at the PlayStation Blog > here.