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PlayStation 5 Controller Stand Remix Again

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It was back on February 5, 2023 that I uploaded my remix of a PS5 controller stand over at  Less than a month later it has been downloaded over 60 times.   Think that is super cool people like it enough to download and many be print out.  This got me thinking many be I should try my hand at making my own files or remix some more.  You can the remix I did > here.

PlayStation 5 Controller Stand Remix

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A few posts back talked about 3D printing a  controller stand for my PS5.  Found this > here over at  All so in that post talked about how I added the PlayStation logo to the front of it.  Well decided to upload that STL file to Printables.  A lot of the files on there let you remix them and upload. As long as you say who the original designer is.  That’s very simple to do.  You can give my remix a download > here.

God of War Ragnarok

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The game that came with my PlayStation 5 was God of War Ragnarok.   Never got into to this game series.  Think the last time I tired one was back in the PS2 days.  First off this game looks amazing.  The acting and storytelling is top notch.  All so the combat is really good.  However found I had to turn down the difficulty.   Some time you have to press the buttons really fast in a row or just really quickly.  My fingers are not fast enough.  The only real thing I don’t like about the game is the camera shaking.  The movement give me a headache.  Luckily this can be turned down but still there a bit.  So can only play the game in small chunks.

PlayStation 5 Controller Stand

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PS5_Controller_StandNow that I own a PlayStation 5 wanted to 3D print a controller stand.   Have one for my PS4 controller.  Looked over on and seen this one > here.  It’s a simple print that doesn’t need supports.  However the front is a bit plain with nothing on it.  Decided to see if I could get the PlayStation logo on there.  Google the logo and did a quick photo edit.  Took that picture and turned that into a SVG file.  Download that STL file and then imported them both in Tinkercad.  Messed around with that for a bit and came up with this, (Picture below).  Am very happy with how this turned out.


PlayStation 5 – Setup

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Yet up my PlayStation 5 after work yesterday day (January 28, 2023).  It is a very simple and easy process.  The day before spent time moving my PS4 games over to an extremal hard drive.  Then backed up my save files to a USB stick.  When I was done setting my the PS5 shut it it down.  Plugged in the hard drive and USB stick.  Then turned it back on.  It picked them up right way and could see my games.  So next transferred over the save files.  That took a bit of time.  After that put the code in for God of War Ragnarok.  The game is about 100GB so when that was downloading in the background.  Loaded up the built in game,  Astro’s Playroom.  The game is designed to show off all the features of the new controller.  Played that for a bit.  After that wanted to try out a PS4 game.  So started DiRT 5 which was on the hard drive.  As soon as I clicked on it the PS5 crashed.  Well shit.  Turned it back on it went some repair screens.  Then is said I didn’t disconnect the hard drive properly.  Tired again and it worked fine.  Plan to give God of War Ragnarok a try today.

PlayStation 5 – Got One

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PlayStation_5_ God_Of_War_Ragnarok_ModelAfter missing out a few times I managed to get my hands on a PlayStation 5 today (January 27, 2023).   Yesterday was over at Walmart picking up a few things.  Looked in the electronics section and seen they had four in stock.  Didn’t have my gift cards with me.  So today after work today went back and there four will still there.  Got the disc version which comes with a code for God of War Ragnarok.  Haven’t set it up.  Need to backup my games and save files off the PS4 first.  Then when I am setting up the PS5 will transfer to it.

PlayStation 5

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All most got my hands on a PlayStation 5 a few months back.  There was one a the local Best Buy.  Was going to reserve online, then go pick it up.  However you can’t do that.  They wanted you pay if full.  Didn’t want to put that much on my credit card.  So the next day was going to go to the store and buy it but it was gone.  A few days ago was that Walmart and seen they had one in the case.  Was shocked.  Wanted to buy it right then and here.  However had know way of getting it home.  Took my motorcycle to work that day.  Was hoping it would be there the next day.  But I was out of luck.

PlayStation 5

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My birthday is getting closer and thinking I should see if I can get my hands on a PlayStation 5.  Have never seen one in person and only know two people that have one.  While I am very happy with the PS4 and all the games.  There is a few that have upgrades for the PS5. All so pretty soon most newer ones will be for the next gen.  For example, Gotham Knights, that was going to be out for the PS4 as well but that so been cancelled.  All so looking forward to to the big update for The Witcher 3.  Very much want to play though that again.  The only thing is, I don’t know if I can really get my hands on one.  Look at the local Walmart every time I go there and nothing.  Am going to try Best Buy next.  Really don’t want to buy one online just in case the shipping messes it up.

PlayStation 4 Game On The PlayStation 5

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With the PlayStation 5 getting closer to being out (November 12, 2020.  Sony has put out a bunch of quick videos on how to set it up and log in.  That kind of stuff.  Another one of the videos they called about transferring you date over from the PS4 to PS5.  Which you can see > here or below.  It is pretty straight forward.  One thing I hope would be true.  Was taking the external hard drive I have on the PS4 and just plug it right into the PS5 when I get one and would work that same.  Happy to say it does that.  Think that is awesome.  At some point in the future will have a PS5 so will be loading up that external drive with all my favourites.

PlayStation 5 Teardown Video

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A few days ago PlayStation put out a video on tearing down the PlayStation 5.  First off it is in Japanese so if you watch the video > here or below you will need to turn on sub titles.  Did learn some things from this video.  Like the white sides come up.  Which has two spots that collect dust so you can vacuum it out.  All so the stand is pretty cool.  The biggest is here is a spot to add more storage with one of those M.2 SSD things.  Am guessing there are very expensive.  There are a bunch of high speed USB ports.  So hoping you can add and external hard drive like with the PS4.  In time we will find out.