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Dragon Quest Builders

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Back in October (2016) Dragon Quest Builders was out.  Back then played the demo and really like the game.  Was going to buy it then but it was way too much money.  They were asking full price, $70.00 here in Canada.  That seems a big steep for this type of game.  So decided to wait for a price drop.  Well the other day was on Amazon.  Seen that it they had to for $35.00.  So bought a copy.  Should be here some time later in the week.  Have read there is a sequel in the works.  Think the demo is still on the PlayStation Store.  It’s well worth checking out.

Dragon Quest Builders Demo

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Dragon_Quest_BuildersWas very happy to find out there is a demo out for Dragon Quest Builders on PS4 and Vita.  Have been watching for info on this game for a while now.  Was at a friends out playing some games.  He was looking though the PlayStation Store.  That’s when I seen it was there.  The next day I had to download right way.   It is pretty small file size, around 630MBs.

The demo it’s self is pretty lengthy.  Played about two hours and there is still stuff to do.   The game does have some Minecraft elements.  Which is fine with me because I like that game.  On that note is so much different about it.  It is an open world RPG as well.   So here are quest to do.  Am not doing a very good job explaining the how the game works.  There is a very nice trailer that explains things much better.  Which you can see > here or below.  Give the demo a try.  It’s well worth checking out.   Might not buy the game right way.  But will add it to the collection for sure.  The game is out October 11, 2016.