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I Am Sturgis: The Movie

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I_Am_Sturgis_The_MovieThe people behind the awesome motorcycle documentary, Why We Ride are back with a new project in the works.  The new project is called I Am Sturgis.  2015 marks the 75th anniversary the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.   Think this is the biggest and most famous motorcycle rally.  So the film makers will be there.  They will be making the documentary in the same vain as Why We Ride.  But just at Sturgis.  Which will be great to watch.  Just like their last one you can help out by their Kick Starter Page > here.  Think it is a very cool idea.  It is set to come out next summer.  Hope they get all the funding because I would like to see it.  If you haven’t seen Why We Ride it is well worth you time checking out.  The best motorcycle documentary I have ever seen.

Why We Ride Trailer

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WhyWeRideHave just found out there is a cool new motorcycle documentary out called Why We Ride.  It has one of the coolest trailers ever.  Which you can see that > here or below.  What is cool about the documentary is they talk about all the kinds of motorcycles and their riders.  It doesn’t just focus on the standard big belly, big beard leather clad biker.   You can own a copy but its only for sale on American sites so far.  Will keep my eye on it because I want to give this a watch.