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Django Unchained Review

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DjangoUnchainedHave been looking forward for a long time to see Django Unchained.  I was not disappointed.  This is an awesome movie.  If you have ever seen any of Quentin Tarantino’s movies you know they are unlike any other movies out here.  You can tell it is one of his movies but let it stands out by itself.  Like his other movies the soundtrack plays a big roll.  This is what I found a bit jarring but cool at the same time.  The music starts of like you would think it would be.  Don’t want to spoil any thing.  But there are some songs that seem to fit with the time period.  There was some controversy over the use of the “n” word.  In my opinion it is used too much.  However I believe people are smart enough to look past that and see this as a fun entertaining movie

This is a must watch.  If you don’t like blood in movies stay way.  All the hype that was around this movie was right.  Enjoyed this every must.  Some times long movies, is one is about two ours and 45 minutes long, they can drag in parts.  This one does not.  Keeps you in the world.  Wanting to know what happens next.

5 out 5 GT (GT = Good Time)

Django Unchained Trailer

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DjangoUnchained The trailer is now out for Django Unchained.  If you have not seen it yet you need to check it out.  If you are saying what is that.  It is the newest movie from Quentin Tarantino.  While in it not out until December the hype for this movie has been building for months now.  His movies are all ways good.  From the trailer this one is going to be great.  There are all kinds of great actors in it so that in another reason why it should be good.