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Dishonored Review

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Dishonored.jpgIt may took me awhile to play Dishonored but it was well worth the wait.  It may look like a standard FPS or a BioShock clone.  How ever it  stands by its self.  What makes it standout is the way you play though the levels.  There are a bunch of different to play the game.  You can play like a regular FPS or you can take the stealth path or a hybrid of the two.  However the big standout is there are lots of different ways to move about the levels.  It is possible to play the whole game with out killing anyone.  Did try to do that but all ways end up failing.  But that doesn’t me game over.  You can run and hide.  Or just take the bad guys head on.  There are bunch of powers you can get and upgrade along with weapons.  The best power up  is Blink.  It is kind like a teleport.  Which you can use to move fast, sneak up or run away. It is very cool.

Have never played a game like this before.  Sure its FPS but much more.  The world is very interesting to explore.  The story is just ok.  It moves at a good paces.  It is just some of plot you can see coming a mile way.  That is ok because the game is very fun to play.  Very much recommended this game.  It is go for cheap around a bunch of places.  So if you see this game, buy it.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)


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Dishonored.jpgIt is about time I got around to trying out Dishonored.  Bought this game back in January (2014) for $20.  At that time I was playing a bunch of other games.  Wanted to finish those before starting this one.  As I am typing this (May 22, 2014) have only played the first bit of the game.  After playing got thinking why didn’t I play this sooner.  Because it is awesome.  Have read and heard that you can play the whole game with out killing anyone.  So decided to give that a go.  Well after knocking out the first bad guy the rest saw me.  So so much for not killing any one.  The combat is really good. From what I can tell your right hand all ways as this sword/knife.  Then your left hand can hold different weapons and powers.  In which they can all be upgraded.  Even though I have only played a little bit going to recommend picking up this game.  Am sure you can find it cheap just about every were.


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Dishonored.jpgWas killing some some at lunch the other day.  Wal-mart  had copies of Dishonored on sale for only $20 .  This is one of those game I have wanted to try but never got around to it.  So for $20, I couldn’t pass that up.  Mind you I will not be playing it for awhile yet.  That is because I am still playing Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.  Still no were close to finishing that.  When I do give this game a try.  Will be back with my impressions.  Heard lots of good things about his game.  Seen lots of video and it does look great.