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DiRT 4 Trailer

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DiRT_4Back in January (2017) learned that Codemasters was giving us a new DiRT game.  Which is called DiRT 4.  This is my all time favourite racing/car franchise.  It has been a long time since there been a main game in the series.  DiRT 3 came out back in 2011.  There has been two other DiRT game. But they were more of side games.  A few days back they put a new trailer for the game.  Which you can see >  here or below.  Have to say it looks pretty awesome.  From what I can see.  It looks like they are bring a back all the race types and vehicles from the past games.  As well as some new ones.  There is a funny looking buggy in few clips.  Not sure what they are but can’t wait to try one out.  The game is set to be out June 6, 2017.  Will be buying this day one for sure.

DiRT 4

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DiRT_4On January 26, 2017 Codemasters announcing DiRT 4 is coming out this year.  This is awesome news.  I love these games.  In the announcement they talked about a new feature called Your Stage.  This allows you to make your own rally stage.  With a press of a few buttons.  Which can be made very quickly or you can get right into more detail of make your own.  These of course they can be shared.  Think this this is pretty cool.  They all so put out a small teaser video.  Which you can watch > here or below.  The best about about this is, we don’t have wait too long because it will be out in June (2017).