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Fickle Friends – Brooklyn (GotSome Remix)

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Fickle_Friends_Brooklyn_GotSome_RemixHave been playing a lot DiRT 4.  There are may great song in this soundtrack.  Some of which I even knew who they were.  Well there is one I didn’t and have to share because it is stuck in my head.  Had to try and find out what it was called and by who.  Turns out it is called Brooklyn (GotSome Remix) by Fickle Friends.  Being a remix had to look up the original song.  Well it is totally different.  Like the remix better.  You can give it a listen > here or below.

DiRT 4

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Have put some time into DiRT 4.  Am enjoying the game a lot.  There is a lot going on in this game.  The menu screens make it look like a simple racing game.  Once you dig deeper there is lots to unlock and manage.  Course you win money to buy cars and upgrade them.  However there is more to than that.  You have a whole crew to manage.  They look after your cars.  So they get a cut of your winnings.  Then there is the PR person.  Which gets a cut as well.  They help you find better sponsors.  If you do well in a race meeting the criteria they set you win a bit of extra money.   Over time you can add more people to your team.  Each one can be upgrade or changed out if you are not happy with them.  All so the more you play you can unlock more sponsors you can add to the cars.  Then there is the facilities.  Each one does something different and is upgradeable.  Another thing is, you can own a car or a team can lend you one.  The trade off is you the lent one they take just about half your winnings.  But you don’t have to buy a car for that race type.  So there is a trade off.

DiRT 4 Hands On

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Last week some time made a post talking about DiRT 4.  On how had it on sale.  Well it showed up in the mail this past Monday (July 17, 2017).  Have been looking forward to trying this out for a very long time.  Just like every new game now a days.  There is a update patch to download.  Thankfully it didn’t take long.

First off this game is much different than the last few games.  Has some of the same elements from all the past games.  While bringing in lots of new things.  Haven’t tried it all yet.  One thing that stands out right way is you can choose to play in game mode or simulation.   It choose game because I think a racing game should be fun first and not wanting to smash your controller.  Once you pick a mode there are options to make easier or harder as well.  Only played a few rally and land rush races.  They felt good to race.  The controls are great.  The environment all so look great.  There seems to be a lot content to get though.  Not sure if I will be able to do it all.  But will try since I finished the first three games.

DiRT 4

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Have been keeping my eye on DiRT 4 every since I first heard about it.  The game came out June 6, 2017.  Was going to buy it day one.  But no local stores has it.  So decided to wait.  Weeks later seen that Walmart had a few copies.  The thing was I have a gift card to Best Buy.  Waited a few more days to the new flyers to come out.  Went on to the Best Buy web site and seen it was on sale for $55.00.  That’s awesome but turns out there wasn’t any copies in my local store.  Then decided to look on  They had it on sale for the same price.  So, ended up order it there.  Should have in my hands some time by the end of the week.

DiRT 4 Trailer

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DiRT_4Back in January (2017) learned that Codemasters was giving us a new DiRT game.  Which is called DiRT 4.  This is my all time favourite racing/car franchise.  It has been a long time since there been a main game in the series.  DiRT 3 came out back in 2011.  There has been two other DiRT game. But they were more of side games.  A few days back they put a new trailer for the game.  Which you can see >  here or below.  Have to say it looks pretty awesome.  From what I can see.  It looks like they are bring a back all the race types and vehicles from the past games.  As well as some new ones.  There is a funny looking buggy in few clips.  Not sure what they are but can’t wait to try one out.  The game is set to be out June 6, 2017.  Will be buying this day one for sure.

DiRT 4

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DiRT_4On January 26, 2017 Codemasters announcing DiRT 4 is coming out this year.  This is awesome news.  I love these games.  In the announcement they talked about a new feature called Your Stage.  This allows you to make your own rally stage.  With a press of a few buttons.  Which can be made very quickly or you can get right into more detail of make your own.  These of course they can be shared.  Think this this is pretty cool.  They all so put out a small teaser video.  Which you can watch > here or below.  The best about about this is, we don’t have wait too long because it will be out in June (2017).