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Comics Short Boxes

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Joker_Comic_Book_Short_BoxBack in March (2018) got a Batman themed comic book short box > this one.  Bought it to hold all my Batman trade paperbacks.  I like it so much decided to buy two more of these type boxes.  One for The Walking Dead trades and the other for my Ninja Turtles collection.  The store I got them had all kinds of them.  Was hope to find ones that would match my collection.  But thy did not.  So I bought a Deadpool one and a Joker one.  Really did the look of the Joker one.  Think these are well worth the money.  It will keep the collection safe and dust free.

Deadpool 2 Another Trailer

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There is another Deadpool 2 trailer out.  This one is much better than the other one I seen.  Enjoyed the first movie. But think this one will be even better.  There are a lot more characters this time around.  Not sure who they all are or what powers they have.  We will find out pretty soon. The movie will be out May 18, 2018.  There will be many superhero movies out this year.  This one is on the must watch list.  You can see the trailer > here or below.

Deadpool 2 Trailer

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Deadpool_2The first Deadpool was huge hit and I really like it a lot was well.  They have been working on sequel for awhile now.  A few days back, February 7, 2018 they put out a trailer for Deadpool 2.  Just like the first there is all kinds a crazy action, comedy and fourth wall breaking.  Can’t wait to see this.  It will be out May 18, 2018.  You can see the cool trailer > here or below.

Deadpool Review

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DeadpoolI missed seeing Deadpool in theaters when it was out.  Well now it is out on Blu-ray and DVD.  Knew I would like this movie with out seen it.  So bought a copy on Blu-ray.  Knew a little bit this comic book character going in.  Have heard so many get things about this movie.

Liked this movie a lot.  It was fun and very funny.  Being an R rate movie they could do so much more than other superhero movies set in this universe.  The fourth wall breaking was all so very entertaining.  You don’t see that very often.  As much as it was different than other superhero movies it was all pretty much the same as well.  It has plot points that have been done some many times.  The main one being the girl gets kidnapped and has to be saved.  Sure they make fun of these plot points but still do them any way.

This is an awesome movie.  Lots of fun to be had.  May not be may all time favourite comic book to movie every.  However it is better than most.  Looking forward to see what they do with the next one.  Sure there are some things I didn’t like about it.  But they can be over looked.  Well worth your time watching.

4 out of of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Deadpool Trailer

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DeadpoolA few days ago the trailer they showed off at Comic Con for Deadpool, was official put out.  Before that there was a crappy version someone uploaded.  Didn’t watch that because I knew this one would be out at some point.  I know this is yet another comic book movie.  There seems to be a new one out very so many months.  But do think it a good thing as long as they are good. Know don’t about about the character, Deadpool.  Just know he is very funny and violent.  All so know he has super fast healing powers.  All which you can see in the trailer > here or below.  What is nice about this one is it is rated R.  Not very many comic book movies get that rating.  Do think this will be a good movie.  We will find out February 12, 2016.  Oh, if you are watching the trailer there is swearing so it’s NSFW.