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ArrowverseNow that we are into October (2018) the DC’s live action shows are starting up again on The CW.  Don’t get that channel but most of them are on CTV here.  Tonight (October 9, 2018) the fifth season of The Flash.  Then fallowing week on the 15th Arrow starts season seven.  A week after that season four of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow starts.  Enjoy all these shows.  Then in December there will be the big crossover event.  With these shows and Supergirl.  Not caught up on that show but don’t think it will affect me watching the crossover.  Have read that it will take place in Gotham City and will feature Batwoman.  Which might be spun off into a new show.  That would be cool.

[Update] Just found out that CTV is not airing any of these shows.  The Space Channel as Arrow and Legends.  But for some reason not The Flash.  That seems to be only on The CW.