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Cyberpunk 2077 Hands On

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As I am typing this (December 19, 2020) have had a copy of Cyberpunk 2077 for a week.  This games has become very famous for not running well on PS4’s.  Sony even took it off their digital store.  I have played about six hours or so.  Did running into some small texter pop ins.  Then had one big glitch during a mission. One of the bad guys keep popping in and out of and elevator.  Then had it crash on a loading screen.  To me it’s no reason to overreact too.  They said there will be a patch soon.  Then a big one in January.  As I am just taking my time playing though it.

[Update.  That patch I talked about is now out.  Have it download just not gave it a try it.  Will be back with another update.]

Cyberpunk 2077 My Copy

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Picked up my copy of Cyberpunk 2077 on my lunch break today.  It is packaged very nicely like what they did with the Witcher 3.  Most games now a days are just a disc in a case.  This comes with stickers, postcards, world compendium, game map and most important a thank you note.  As I am typing this (December 11, 2020), haven’t gotten to try it out yet.  Came home from work and put the disc in the PS4 to start the install and patch update.  Go and have some supper.  Come back to see it didn’t install or start the update.  So try again.  The install which took about 50 minutes.  While that is going on the patch starts to download.  Knew that would take a while.  A bunch of gigs in the disc install finishes.  But for some reason this causes the patch to start over from scratch.  Which will take about five to seven hours to download.  Not much I can do.  I guess I will get to play tomorrow after work.