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The Crew 2 Season 1 Episode 1: The Chase

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It was some time in the summer (2020) that I gave The Crew 2 a play.  Since then haven’t gotten around to playing more.  Well until the a few days ago.  On November 25th Ubisoft put out a new update called Season 1 Episode 1: The Chase.  This add lots of stuff but the main draw in the new gameplay mode, The Chase.  It very much like that Takedown mode in the Burnout games.  You have a set time and a set number of cars to crash into to stop.  Being so long since I last played it took me three tires to on the first mission.  Having lots of fun with this game.  Think  I will keep playing until Cyberpunk is out.

The Crew 2

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Decided to give another game I had sitting on my self unopened, The Crew 2.  Think I bought this around a Black Friday or a Boxing day sale, can’t remember.  Back in June (2018) gave the open beta a try and liked what I had played.  Just wasn’t sure at that time if I wanted to play for price.  Kind of glad I wanted to.  Since I got it cheaper but all so they have add a lot to the game as well as fixes.  Like most Ubisoft games there are RPG/loot elements.  This seems to work well with this game.  Played about two hours or so. Managed to upgrade and buy a few thing as well as customs paint jobs.  Even tried to online races.  Managed to get second place in both.  Not bad since every one else had super high level and I am level two.  Going to keep playing.  Very fun game.

More Games

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Just before Christmas while shopping took a look at the cheap game section and seen two games on my want list. The Crew 2 and Trials Rising.  Have tired both back when they were in beta.  Did like both games but wasn’t going to pay full price for them.  So when I seem them so cheap had to get them. The Crew 2 is just the regular version.  However was surprised to see that Trails was the Gold Edition.  It is the game plus the Expansion Pass.  A great deal for $30.00 each.