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The Devil’s Spear

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TheDevilsSpearHave to share Corridor Digital new video.  Just like last year they have made a video for Assassin’s Creed.  This year it is for AC 4: Black Flag.  These guys all ways out do themselves.  They said this is the biggest video they have ever made.  Once you look at it > here or below you can see why.  Will be buying these game since AC is one of may favourite game series.  But just will not be right way.   Still playing GTA V.


Blood Dragon: The Cyber War

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FarCry3BloodDragon.jpgThe second day in a row I am talking about Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.  This time because the guys at Corridor Digital have worked there magic once again.  These guys all ways make awesome videos.  They have worked with Ubisoft’s properties before.  So  it is now surprise that they made a new video which is called Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon The Cyber War.  If you haven’t see the trailer for the game yet you can see it > here.  Watch that first so you will get a better idea what The Cyber War video is all about.  The game is available to download May 1, 2013 on PSN, PC and Xbox Live.

Assassin’s Creed 3: Rebel Blades

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AssassinsCreed3RebelBlades Have an awesome video to share.  The guys at Corridor Digital have out done themselves again.  They all ways make cool and fun videos.  Have shared some of there work in the past.  They are friends and I guess some what co-works with the group over at Freddiew YouTube channel.  This video is a live action take on the up coming game Assassin’s Creed 3 game.  Have watched it four times all ready.  It is just really cool.  Check it out.

Modern Warfare: Frozen Crossing

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FrozenCrossing I seen link in a game form taking about a tribute to Modern Warfare.  I clicked it to see how bad it was going to be.  I was thinking it would be online game play mixed with some Guns ‘n Roses sound track.   Boy I was wrong.

This is a great video.  These guys of over at Corridor Digital did and unreal job.  This is a live action tribute that can beat out a lot of what Hollywood puts out.  They say part two is coming soon.  I hope so because this is a must watch.  Do yourself a favour and watch this video.