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Corner Gas Animated Trailer

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We are about a week away from the Corner Gas animated show starting.  Every much looking forward to see how it will turn out.  Am a huge fan of the original show and movie.  So more Corner Gas the better.  The Comedy Network has a new trailer on their YouTube channel.  Must say the animation looks really good.  They will be able to work in some crazy over the top gags that would be way to hard in live action.  Think it will be a great show.  Will find out April 2, 2018.  You can see the trailer for yourself > here or below.

Corner Gas Animated News And A Teaser Video

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Corner_Gas_AnimatedIt has been a long wait since we first heard that they were making a Corner Gas animated show.  This was first announced back in December 2016.  A few days back The Comedy Network  and the people behind the show put a press release saying the show.  Which is called Corner Gas Animated will start airing Monday April 2, 2018.  They all so put a new teaser video.  Which you can see > here or below.  Very much looking forward to checking this out.  Am a big fan of the old show and movie.  So more the better.