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Comic Book Men Season Five

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ComicBookMen.jpgSeason five of Comic Book Men starts tonight (October 18, 2015).  Have seen every episode of this show.  I do like it but can see why others might not.  Think most people get thrown off by the title.  You don’t have to know anything about comic books to watch the show.  What makes this show fun watch is the way the cast who are real friends intact with each other.   They work at Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash store.  Of course a lot of the stuff the do and say is for the camera.  If you never seen the show.  It worth checking out.  Think it might be on Netflix.  Or you can watch it on AMC’s website.  Most times you have to have a cable provider login.  However today (Oct 18) the have the second episode on there for everyone to watch.  Not sure how long it will say there but If you can check it out > here.

The Batman Adventures #1

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ThBatmanAdventures A few days ago had a post about the TV show, Comic Book Men.  Well watched the last episode of season one today.  Got thinking may be I have a comic book what is worth a lot of money.  So I dug out the box I have them in.  Don’t have a lot of them but figured the one I was thinking about might be worth it.  It was The Batman Adventures #1.  That was put on in 1992 that was based of of the TV show.  Thinking it is twenty years old it must be wroth a little bit.  I still remember buying it.   Bought it at Shoppers Drug Mart that was in of of the Halifax malls.  All so remember making sure not to ruin it in any way.  Thinking that some day it would be worth a lot of money.  Well not so much.  Did a search and found it ranging from $.50 up to $14.   The cover price was $1.50.   So I think I will put it back in the box.  Keep it there for another 20 years and check again.

Comic Book Men

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ComicBookMen Wasn’t feeling so good today so spent the day playing around on the internet.  Then discovered that all six episodes of season one of Comic Book Men was on YouTube > here.  Watched four episodes (will go back and watch the last two later)  and have to say it pretty good.  It is a mix of a video pod case and Pawn Stars with some comedy mixed in.  It first aired right after the second half of season two of The Walking Dead.  Never paid much attention to it until today.  Now wish I seen it sooner.  While it will not appeal to most it is still a nice watch.  Why it is good is, the way the interact with each other.  They seen like real friends they way the pick on each other.  Doesn’t seem to be put on.