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ACWAHave been a while since I have been to an independent wrestling show.  The other night (July 15, 2015) a few of us went to the show put on by ACWA All-Star Championship Wrestling Alliance.  Must say it was a pretty good show.  There were five matches.  Then best one was the third.  Between Lincoln Steen and Cody Deaner.  First off Cody was really good at getting the crowed into the match.  However Lincoln was even better at being the bad guy.  It was great.  Can’t remember all the wresters names but they were all really good.  One guy ended up dislocating this elbow.  Which must be pretty painful.  Knew something was up.  Because after the match, which he lost, he took off like a shot to the backstage.  Did take some pictures.  Most didn’t turn out so good because they are all ways on the move.  Below are a few of the better ones.