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Call Of Duty: Warzone Played

Posted in Just something to say with tags , , , , , , , , on March 27, 2020 by getbent57

Gave Call of Duty: Warzone a try.  First played with two friends who are on PC.  The cross play worked great.  As for the game it’s self.  Plays pretty much like any other Call of Duty Game just on a huge map.  Just like every other online competitive you get rolled over pretty quickly.  There is some fun to be had if you are playing with friends.  Just I wouldn’t want to play it every day.  A few days later decided to give the solo game mode a try.  In that round my feet barely touched the ground before I was killed.  May be I will go back another day and try again.

Call Of Duty: Warzone

Posted in Just something to say with tags , , , , , , on March 23, 2020 by getbent57

Just as I jumped on the bandwagon and gave Fornite a try.  A new battle royale game came out, Call of Duty: Warzone.  Just like the other, it is free to play and supports cross platform play.  Watched some videos on it when it came out on March 10, 2020.  It seems to play like your standard Call of Duty game but in a huge map and 150 people playing at once.  Wasn’t going to bother with it.  Then changed my mind and gave it a download on my PS4.  If you do have a PlayStation 4 you don’t need to have PS Plus to play.  Which I find interesting.  My guess is Activision is paying some big money to Sony.  At this point the game is still downloading.  Will be back with another post when I try it.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Review

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It is about time I gave my Call of Duty: Black Ops review.  Like the past Call of Duty games the campaign is short.  Only took me a few night to finish it.  No real surprise there.  While there is some cool stuff going on in the single player campaign it didn’t really make you want to got back and play thought again.  What I like about these games there are no boss battles.  What I didn’t like was I died a lot because I wasn’t playing the game the way they wanted me to.  Seems like there is one way to get though/solve or else.

Tried the zombie mode but that is no fun by yourself.

These games are all about the multiplayer.  What is new for this one is combat training.  You can pick from some of the modes.  Level up and what not while only playing against the computer.  It does help when you do go online against others.  When I decided it was time to play online.  Went though the different modes looking at what they do.  Found one I like called barebones.  In these mode it is just you/team with the gun you picked.  There is no perks, kill streaks or any of that stuff.  Makes the playing field more level.

Like other Call of Duty games it is good but is all about the multiplayer.  I know I am late the the game since there will be a new one out in little over a month.  Pretty sure every one has this game by now.  But if not now is a good time to pick it up since the price has finely dropped.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Call Of Duty: Black Ops

Posted in Just something to say with tags , , , , on September 24, 2011 by getbent57

CODBlackOps Picked up Call of Duty: Black Ops today.  The price finally dropped.  Wal-Mart has it on for $39.83.  Most other place still want $60.  Even seen a used copy for $50.  I think they dropped the price since there will be a new version out in November, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.   Haven’t tried Black ops yet.  Did try the multiplayer a few time at a friends house.  Just hope the single player is longer than the other games.  I know there is a bot mode so I can get some multiplayer practices in.

Call Of Duty: World At War Review

Posted in Review's with tags , , , , , on January 9, 2009 by getbent57

Call-Of-Duty-World-At-War I received Call of Duty: World at War as a Christmas gift.  I really like it.  It has the same feel and look at CoD 4: Modern Warfare, even thou they take place in two different time periods.  World at War takes place during WWII.  The campaigns you play are in the Japanese Islands and as a Russian soldier taking over Berlin.  Much like Modern Warfare the game is a bit short.  How ever if you are in to multiplayer, this game is very strong.  They pretty much use the same system as CoD 4.  One cool new feature they add was when you finish the game you unlock Nazi Zombie mode.  You and up to 3 other people fight off waves of zombies from breaking in to a compound.  Here is a nice article talking about it.  They do a better job of explaining it.

This is a fun game much like CoD 4.  If you are a CoD or a FPS fan you will like this one.  It is a bit short, but has strong multiplayer.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)