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Merry Boxing Day 2015

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christmas-tree.pngI hope everyone had a fun and safe Christmas.  Last year there was lost of wind and some rain.  This year however was really warm for the end of December.  Think it was a 8°C.  Went outside with just a light jacket on.   As all ways my favourite part of Christmas the food.  Which was awesome.  The past few years couldn’t got back for seconds because I was too full.  This year was still full but had to have more.  Being Boxing day it just as good for food.  Hot turkey sandwich’s it will be.



Merry Christmas 2015

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christmas-tree.pngWant to wish everyone and their families a Merry Christmas.  I hope every one has the best one ever.  Eat till you can’t eat any more.  That is all ways the best part.  There is all ways something about Christmas dinner where you have to go back for thirds.



Christmas Tree 2015

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christmas-tree.pngIt has been a tradition in my house to setup/decorate the Christmas Tree on the first Sunday in December.  While watching Christmas Daddies.  For the second year on a row Christmas Daddies will be airing on a Saturday.  This  year is is December 5, 2015.  This and for some other reason we have switched things up.  Today is the first so we decorated the tree.  Had the tree and the lights on it a few days again.  I think it turned out pretty good.

That Time Of Year

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christmas-tree.pngWe are into the last few days of November (2015) so it that time of year.  Which is to get Christmas shopping over and done with.  The goal is to have everything all ready bought and wrapped before the first week of December is over.  This year got smarter about.  Wrote up a list.  Other years would try to remember everything.  The big reason I try and get everything done early is because I work retail.  The time Christmas comes around My Christmas spirit is long gone.  Other reason is shopping in December sucks.  Used to think it was fun to watch all the people tearing around.  Not any more.