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Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls

Posted in Just something to say, Pictures with tags , , , , on December 19, 2020 by getbent57

Chocolate_Peanut_Butter_BallsEvery year at Christmas my mother used to make me chocolate peanut butter balls.  This was the only time I would see or eat any.  They are one of my favourite “cookies”.  They taste even better then they are still frozen a bit.  Thought about making some last year but really wasn’t into it.  However this year gave it a go.  Found her old recipe, there are lots online as well.  What’s great about these are they are no bake.  You mix icing sugar, peanut butter, rice rice krispies, some butter and little salt.  Mix that together and roll in to balls.  Put them in the fridge for about half hour.  They you roll them in melted chocolate.  Did run into some trouble with the chocolate.  It wasn’t getting very runny.   So just had some extra butter to it.  That worked great.  As you can see below the don’t look pretty but they tasted all most like the ones my mother made.